How can i get a precise price?

For us to send you the precision price and service, we need get some information from you like:

1. Have you ever imported from China?

2. If you are final user please send us your tractor horsepower and size of your farm.

3. If you are distributor please send us your specific requirements of the products.

4. What is your order quantity?



How will importing direct from overseas suppliers effect my cash flow?

When you buy from overseas suppliers the most normal terms are for you to pay a deposit when you place your order and the remainder on shipping.  This will obviously have an impact on your cash flow.  Your bank will have trade finance products that make this very easy and affordable.  The savings in dealing direct almost always far more than compensate for the finance cost of paying up front.


What happens if the product I buy is not up to standard?

We can help you develop specifications which third party inspectors will test for so you can be assured the product is up to standard before it is shipped and paid for.  From our experience if there are quality issues they will be identified and because you are dealing with the factory satisfactory solutions are found.


How do I get my product tested?

We can research and recommend the best globally recognized third party inspection agencies for your product.  They can provide the level of testing you require before you ship and pay for the product.


Can I get plant and machinery installed in my factory?

 Based on your recommendations we can either source suppliers who will provide turnkey solutions including flying the installation and training team to your locations or else those who have agreements with local installers in your area. 


What about tariffs?

As part of our research project we consult with registered customs brokers to give you the amount of tariff you will be required to pay so there are no surprises when the product arrives.  We will also cover what permits or licenses (if any) you need to have to import the product you are looking at.


What is the time frame for a product to arrive?

Allow 45-70 days shipping time for your product to arrive at your door in major cities in Africa countries by ship. Air freight will be 3-5 days. Of course you will also need to allow any production time you supplier needs to produce and inspect the product.


What if I do not buy very much of a product?

Most suppliers will have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that they require you order.  This is to cover the setup costs to produce your product.  If the MOQ is higher than the amount of product you need you can ask for the set up costs to be a separate part of the quote.  Many clients find it is still much cheaper to pay the setup cost and have the production offshore.


What happens if you can’t find the products?


In a very small percentage of cases (about 5%) we cannot find the product you are looking for.  This is why we provide the Quick Look analysis.  It will make sure the product is available before you commit to our Research project.


We have never imported before can you help us with this?


Over 75% of our clients are new to importing.  Helping them is our core business.  Once the Research Project is completed we can function as your global sourcing department via our Sourcing Project and manage the entire import process for you.