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016-year wheat straw (from) Tian Xia kinds of technical specifications for corn and soybean
Jul 18, 2016

Technical specification for a wheat straw sown maize

Technology of wheat straw sown corn refers to mechanical harvesting wheat, straw after field, mechanical stubble sowing corn. According to the County's production, recommended technology. That is: not controlled crop stubble, crop seeding corn controlled stubble (20 cm) no stubble, crop seeding corn controlled stubble (20 cm) cutting and throwing pieces of straw, stubble live corn. Reaper harvesting wheat, without cutting and throwing device, 1, does not control the stubble, crushed straw stubble machine. 2, accused of cutting 20 cm, no stubble, sowing, artificial move straw to seed lines, machinery, crops, seed, corn. 3, installing cutting and throwing devices Reaper harvesting wheat, controlled crop of 20 cm.

Mechanical stubble sowing corn, by mid-June on suitable soil moisture seed used precision seeder or refined a small amount of corn stubble sowing corn. If soil moisture insufficient Shi, sowing Hou timely watering "cast TOU Shui" fill entropy; adjusting measures to local conditions promotion resistance key type, and anti-lodging, and for mechanical harvest of in the early corn varieties, increased corn planting density, strive to acres planting density reached 4000 strains around, super high yield block reached 4500-5000 strains, 60 cm, leading sowing, sowing depth 3-5 cm; each acres basal fertilizer nitrogen, and p, and potassium ratio for 28-9-10 of sustained control release formula fertilizer 40-50 kg (other formula folding volume calculation), Plus 5 kg 1 kg of zinc sulfate and urea. Promote the simulcast of seed, fertilizer, fertilizer deep application technology, depth 8-10 cm deep, covering press after sowing tight, no seeding field, fields without replay.

Wheat straw after the sowing of corn, Bud closed herbicidal effect, recommends corn leaf 2-5 leaf (2-5 weed leaf stage) mesotrione herbicides sprayed weed; and based on the county agricultural center monitoring and prediction of diseases and pests controlling laodelphax striatellus, two moth and other pests.

Second, wheat straw (from) technical specification for planting soybeans

Wheat straw (from) field sowing soybean technology refers to the use of mechanical harvesting wheat, straw, or after leaving the field, mechanical stubble sowing soybeans. According to the County's production, recommend the following 2 kinds of technology. Namely: controlled stubble (15 cm), after straw removal from the field, mechanical stubble sowing soybeans; not controlled crop, stubble stubble, and Gao Tuikuan (30 cm) of seeding soybean stubble sowing. Mechanical harvest wheat control stubble 15 cm following, mechanical playing bundle collection straw removal away from field not control stubble, with stubble machine stubble mechanical Board stubble sowing soybean with Gao Tuikuan line (30 cm above) seeders Board stubble sowing soybean mechanical Board stubble sowing soybean, June Shang mid-suitable entropy sowing, ensure a broadcast full seedlings; straw also field of plots, to selection high leg wide line (30 cm above) seeders sowing soybean; wide leading sowing of plots, should be selection points branch type soybean varieties; acres sowing volume 5-6 kg, sowing depth 3-5 cm, After sowing covering press-sealed. Straw sown in wheat after soybeans, Bud closed herbicidal effect, recommended for Soybean Leaf spraying Gallant, fomesafen herbicide for weed control. Removal of straw by Township (town) or village organization focus stacking, no burning and littering abandoned to avoid environmental pollution.