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6 Rows Pneumatic Precise Corn Seed Planting Machine with Fertilizer
May 14, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:2BQSF Series

  • Application:Wheat

  • Application Field:Agriculture

  • Power Source:Tractor

  • Mechanization:Automatic Planting Machine

  • Ditching Mode:Continuous Ditching

  • Sowing:Drilling Seeder

  • Model Number:2BQSF - 6

  • Dimension(L*W*H):1500X3400X1220 Mm

  • Term:2bq-6 Rows Seeder with Fertilizer

  • Drilling with:3500 Mm

  • Rows Space:900 Mm

  • Driving Force:40-80 Kw

  • Working Efficiency:0.8-3.2 Ha/H

  • Function:Sowing, Fertilizing, Ditching, Covering etc.

  • Suitable Soil:Ploughed or Tilled

  • Certification:ISO 9001

Product Description

6 Rows Pneumatic Precise Corn Seed Planting Machine with Fertilizer
2BQ Series Pneumatic Precise Corn Seeder is a kind of multi-functional integral agricultural machine. It is suitable for drilling and fertilizing on the ploughed or tided field. By replacing different sprocket and seeding plate to change the distance of seed, it can precisely drill corn, soybean, sorghum, cotton and oil sunflower. Fertilizing, ditching, soil covering and press can be finished at the same time. The main features of this kind of machine are multi-function, universal operation and high efficiency.
Main Charactors:
1. Diving force is 44-73 Kw (four-wheel tractor).
2. Row space, depth, seed distance and seeding amount can be adjusted in a large range. Thus it can satisfy the agricultural requirement of North-East, North-West and Xin Jiang dry district. Because of the seeder is precise, please clean sundries and chioce the seed which is accord to related asking before feed.
3. The Furrow Opener can be change into Disc Opener or Shovel Opener.
4. The Fertilizer Hopper and Seeder Hopper can be made of Stainless Steel Material.