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Circular irrigation system operation techniques
Jul 18, 2016

Circular irrigation system, also known as center pivot irrigation system, or "Jet", is a combination of circular irrigation and fertilization systems, nutrient solution to the roots of crops needed soil. Circular irrigation system is equipped with a nozzle from the bracket of the pipe supports can automatically walk around with micro Jet-while-rotating the center point of the water supply system of large machinery, suitable for field crops such as wheat, corn, and surface irrigation, decrease of labor 90%.

Action points:

1, sprinkling irrigation machine preparation before start

Check in 380-420V into the machine's voltage, frequency 50HZ;

See if the irrigation system Tire gas, ensure tire pressure 160KPa-180KPa; ensure that circular irrigation system across the body in a straight line; ensure that no parts are missing.

2, irrigation system start

To start the pump, open the valve the water supply and power supply. When all the water sprayer correctly. Check into the pressure to ensure pressure in 2bar-4bar into the machine. According to rainfall irrigation crop requirements, adjust the percentage of time the relay, according to the running direction (clockwise or counterclockwise), select the direction switch. Press the Start button, and make the sprinklers run. While observing the phase voltage is normal.

Note: If you need to adjust sprinklers running in the running direction or conciliation sprinkler irrigation machine (percentage table), you must first stop and then repeat 2 and 3.

3, sprinkler irrigation machine

Check into the machine voltage and frequency is normal, the pressure is within the specified range. Check whether the motor has different sound, current is normal, check the moving parts lubricated. Check for oil leaks, leaking. Checks whether the whole bow range, walking round with mark. Check the water sprayer is normal.

4, sprinkling irrigation machine downtime

Stop sprinkler operation; closed, shut down the pump

Matters needing attention. ① sprinkler operating temperature 4 deg, wind level 4. ② sprinklers should be alternately forward and backward operation. ③ After sprinklers spraying pesticides, fertilizers, should flush the lines.

5, maintenance of sprinkler irrigation machine

Sprinkler irrigation machine, diesel engines, generators, pumps, gearboxes and other parts and maintenance according to the instruction.