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Domestic film first corn planters in Shanxi for application
Jul 18, 2016

Recently, the San Jiao Zhen, xinfu district, Xinzhou city, Shanxi province, provincial Academy of film maize Research Institute developed China's first corn seeder shows this field demonstration job. Study on high-yield cultivation technique of maize mulched with plastic film in high temperature area began in 2012, after several years of efforts, covering promotion has made breakthrough progress in high temperature areas, integrated film skirting planting comprehensive cultivation technique of maize. The technology of maize mulched with plastic film in the side Ridge, filming ditching forming arc, filming techniques, effectively solves the high temperature leads to premature maize, seed issues such as investment, significantly increases corn yield and rainfall use efficiency. Not only reduce the use of plastic mulch film skirting planting, can put an end to common pollution arising out of when mulch seeding issues.

Based on the technical needs, Shanxi Academy of maize Research Institute successfully developed China's first corn film-seeder, obtained two patents for utility models and patents for invention, realize art machine, agronomic integration of agricultural machinery. In 2014 and 2015, during yuci district, Yuanping, Wutai County, and seeder, xinfu district operations large scale, sow at 8 acres per hour, 2-3 times faster than filming seeder for the current application, model production reached 728 kg for domestic corn yield with a new technical support.