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Dry Rice Seeder
Jan 08, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Trademark:Nonghaha

  • Origin:China

Product Description
Model: 2 BFX-24
Overall dimention: 3800*1600*1400 mm
Working width: 120-160 mm (24 rows)
Matched power: 80-120 HP
Fertilizing device type: Nylon big external grooved sheave
Fertilize ditch opening device: Oblique pull disk ditch open device
Depth of fertilize: 30-70 below the seed
Opening share of fertilize: Shovel type opening share
Sowing depth: 30-60 mm
Openning share of seed: Oblique pull plate ditch open device
Type of furrow cover: Disc furrow cover
Linkage: Three-point rear suspension
Kind of drive: Land wheel
Suit speed: 5-7 km/h
Suit crop: Wheat Drought rice