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How to properly install the Rotary cultivator blade
Jul 18, 2016

Rotary machine and tractor work machine, press power is divided into walking tractor (hereinafter referred to as hand) supporting the Rotary cultivator and tractor (hereinafter referred to as wheel tractor) supporting the Rotary tiller two categories. Compared with the plough and Harrow tillage, Rotary work with soil properties, wide adaptability, high working efficiency. In China's North and South, both paddy field and dry land, Rotary tiller is very common, and plays an important role in farming machinery. Rotary tiller blades installation there are three considerations:

Chisel knife is installed without special requirements for direct hook-shaped chisel-shaped knife, soil capability, throwing the soil of poor performance, and easy to drag around grass, apply to weed less and compacted soil. Its installation is generally arranged in a spiral even in knife-ridged, with screws on the knife block. Blade head bent, around edge of external arc long machete, cutting ability, suitable for water, dryland farming, a wide range of applications. Blade if you installed wrong, not only affect the quality, but also affect the service life of the machine. Installation generally have the following three methods.

1. to the exterior. Apart from both ends of the cutter shaft two bends, a knife, and other blades are facing out, Middle ditch after tillage, applies to split border farm.

2. to the Interior. All blades are bent toward the Middle, after the no-tillage Ridge Middle, Groove between adjacent two-stroke. Apply to bedding of farming.

3. the installation. Cross on the left and right machete knife axis symmetric installation, but both ends of the blade to bend. Smooth surface after tillage, is the most common installation method.