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Light miniature sprinkler maintenance light micro sprinkler maintenance notes
Jul 18, 2016

Light and small irrigation applied to irrigate small fields of mountain and plain, and is suitable for all types of crops and soil, is a good development prospect of water-saving irrigation equipment. Light and small irrigation system maintenance work to pay attention to the following points:

Light and small irrigation system maintenance

Spray job is finished, to scrub the sprinklers, pumps, nozzles, the lubrication to get lubrication, winter time runs out and the water in the pump should be placed to prevent cracking. Machines, maintenance should be carried out according to the instructions of the pump.

Unit stop when used for a long time, you must pump water out. Remove water pump, nozzle, clean the water stains, oil assemble packaging, store in a dry place. If any damaged parts should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

Water pipe to vent, rust-proof layer off repair. Mobile hose should be fully dry after the rinse, plastic pipe to prevent exposure, keep in a well-ventilated and dry warehouse.