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No Till Fertilizing Seeder
Jul 21, 2017

Product Detail

No-till fertilizing seeder can complete part stubble cleaning, rotary tillage, apply fertilizer, open ridge, rolling and other processes once on the straw returning fields. This series of products matched with tractors horsepower above 40hp, the 10-14cm wide seedling planting mode can improve the effective tillering of seeds to facilitate corps of ventilation, lighting and growth. The distance of seeds and fertilizer is 5-8cm when it works, it can improve the fertilizer utilization ratio and fully meet the demand of crop growth, so as to improve the output of grain. Compared with the traditional planting mode, it has machinery operation cost saving, water saving, energy saving, time saving, fertilizer saving, environmental protecting and other advantages.
The machine can replace rotary tiller, no-till wheat planter, no-till corn planter and other agricultural machines, that is to say it can complete combination operation together, also can  work separately; it can plant both wheat, corn, soybean and other crops; it can make full-till seeding, and also complete no-till seeding and open ditch.

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