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Rotary cultivator Rotary rake technique in paddy field of six principles
Jul 18, 2016

Master Rotary rake method in paddy field on rice growing and agricultural productivity increased greatly, therefore, paddy-field spin-target job should have the following elements:

First, the amount of water. Should have 2-4 hours before the field rotating rake into the water, water depth 6~8 cm. Plowing the fields, the depth of immersion to FA gel tip is appropriate.

Second, Coulter installation. Flat Ridge job Coulter elbows outward installation filled ditch job, button knife installed elbow to the General working, plows months mixing elbow installation. Direct contact to reduce weed stalks Coulter shafts, mounted plow blade shafts left and two on the far right when Coulter, two bolts about 10 cm long, excluding Coulter shaft wrapped around grass.

Three, spin velocity. First job that is not plowed, tractors to use slower second forward, Coulter axis to select a lower gear speed; rotary 23rd time and ploughing fields. Can choose slower third gear operating speed of tractor, plow available high speed.

Four, the direction of travel. Locomotive along the field of diagonal-left or-right a harrowing picture starts to Harrow tillage, gradually expanded outwards, eventually rake around the edge of a circle. Such method of high efficiency, low fuel consumption, good quality.

Number five, harrowing times. According to the planting of rice agricultural requirements. Seedling-throwing paddy fields. Harrow 2-3 series for the best artificial planting fields, with cake 2 times as well.

Six, beware of slippery trap. Work with bamboo poles filled in ponds and ditches, such as marked. Once the sliding trap, piling self-help approaches can be taken, that is about 5 metres in front of the locomotive played a posts, post with wire rope, tied the other end on the drive wheels. Gear, shake the handle turn the crankshaft, tractor walk through winding wire rope in the driving wheel tractors out of the pit.