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Straw wood mill has incomparable advantage
Jul 18, 2016

Straw wood shredders are commonly used in wood processing industry equipment, more and more users need this wood cutting equipment, the structure is advanced, cutting sheets of high quality, wide applicability of raw materials, prospects are very broad. Straw wood mill has its unique advantages, not only in terms of structure, and low operating costs, easy operation, high efficiency products are of good quality, safe and reliable.

Usually after straw wood Shredder cutting equipment, the raw material, finished product becomes a certain size of small pieces of wood, can be used as is Particleboard, MDF and fibreboard industry raw materials, it is very convenient to use. The device has its unique advantages, the crushing Chamber adopts principles of multi-stage crushing process and crushing device, wear sharp, when straw wood mill work greater impact, higher productivity, greater crushing capacity, equipment parts are wear-resistant protection, straw wood shredders consumable consumption will decrease, thus running cost is low.

Worth a mention of is, the equipment environmental clean no pollution, design dust collector subject for a box, box loaded in a vertical framework within, wood powder machine lower has gray door, vertical framework upper body full filter bags, dust collector received from centrifugal separation device of containing dust gas, from box entrance into box, through filter bags row into body space, filter bags dust collector dust efficiency can up 97% above, on work environment no pollution.

Using straw of saw dust grinder, choice of material needs some attention, you need to first select the dry wood, less raw material, equipment, productivity will be higher. Second is the sharpness of the cutting tool, balancing performance, appropriate to adjust the feed rate, never between blade out of balance, only when these basic conditions, straw wood chip mill to improve efficiency, the slightest mistake can lead to peeling bad, improper operation can cause damage to the equipment for a long time. Last as wood straw wood chip mill operations according to wood length and diameter to process, so if you need to process wood length is too long, first cut the wood into wood chip mill inlet can be fit into wood straw, but not as short as possible, according to wood imports of machine equipment depending on size, so with greater efficiency.