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User confusion and choice of reel type sprinklers
Jul 18, 2016

Reel type sprinkler irrigation machine as one of the agricultural high-efficient water-saving irrigation technology, widely used in Europe, America, Australia and other developed countries, their development and promotion have been more than 70 years, as Italy aokemisi, and France IL, and Austria Powell of world famous manufacturers such as sprinkler irrigation machine in the world to promote, and well received by farmers, and praise. In 1978 from Austria introduction of reel type sprinklers, the slow development of more than 30 years, from several per year to the current annual sales of over 10,000 units, but a large part of reel type sprinklers in the user's hand does not play a role, and idle in the warehouse. Are reel type sprinklers are not suitable for irrigation? or US domestic reel type sprinkler product issues? 100 grain contracting by 2 years (use of reel type sprinklers contractor) of research and comparison of reel type sprinklers at home and abroad, finding the essence of the problem.

Reel type sprinkler problem

1, irrigation water is not enough. Users, when encountering drought, reel type sprinkler irrigation machine not filling water, irrigation can only reach 20m ³/MU, so soon after filling the water surface. But wheat and maize seeds and heading irrigation must be 30-40m ³/MU, sprinkler irrigation machine adjustment difficulties, can not meet the demand for irrigation of wheat and maize.

2, operation energy consumption is too high. According to fill an acre estimated to power 23 kilowatt-hours of electricity (to pump accessory pump booster pump 7.5kW, 15kw), about 13 Yuan electricity, so users complain that sprinklers run electricity more expensive than labor costs.

3, nozzle covers an area of seedlings. Tractor sprinkler, 50m two crops per interval, is not good for irrigation waste land accept.

For the third case, for the kinds of cereal, was acceptable, because there is no digging a canal and the Ridge, which covers an area of more than tractors or, and this is in the user purchase knowledge and understanding, but the first to second problem cannot be accepted, so a lot of users complain of purchase or the device is not used.

the analysis of the cause of the problem

1, product design

From the 70 's of the last century in China since the introduction of reel type sprinklers, apart from some large State-owned farms, but domestic sales market is very small, land rising gradually in recent years is a new market, so the lack of technological innovation and product upgrades. Meanwhile, after more than 30 years of development, in Europe, and Australia, national sprinkler machine design manufacturing technology has update several generation has, but China still used abroad 30 years Qian of design, as used two speed gearbox of drive, adjustable speed interval had big, caused sprinkler machine started need is big of up moving power, but once started Hou speed and drop not down, caused PE tube of recycling speed cannot below 15m/h, cannot solution user 30-40m ³/acres of irrigation needs. Turgo turbine structures, causing hydraulic efficiency is too low, water turbine and gearbox through a belt drive, low transmission efficiency, uniformity into the increase pressure, generally above 0.6mpa. If the pressure exceeds 0.6mpa, generally each sprinkler irrigation machine also needs to configure a booster pump, reel type sprinkler caused real work needs a well pump and a booster pump runs, will undoubtedly improve the operating costs.

2, production

Reel type sprinkler irrigation machine has just entered the market a hundred thousand of Yuan each, but with the expansion of market demand, manufacturers like mushrooms, jumped from a few to dozens of companies. Competition between enterprises, products dropped from a hundred thousand of Yuan to seventy thousand or eighty thousand Yuan per unit, down to forty thousand or fifty thousand Yuan, until now declined to twenty thousand or thirty thousand Yuan. Companies can reduce production costs, production process has simplified, such as gear according to technological requirements, need grinding, changed when the gear is simple, lower processing costs several times, but rough gear, gear driven transmission requires more power, increased noise. Water turbines according to technological requirements, the need for heat treatment, but to reduce costs without heat treatment, rough water turbine efficiency is reduced. These processes simplify sprinkler operating power consumption increased as a direct result.