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Wheat seeder use and maintenance methods
Jul 18, 2016

First, use: wheat seeder before use to check machinery is good. Sowing box no debris, can't have weeds and clods on the opener, hanging planters and tractors section should ensure that the rack is level. Adjust line spacing for the opener and ditching covering roller shades. The seeds in the seed box need to be able to cover the seed. When determining wheat seeder after good condition, you can begin planting. If the acreage is large, you should run 20 meters, observe work case planters. When seeding, you should cross sowing fields, so as to avoid sowing depth too shallow. Even speed as much as possible during the seeding process, preventing replay, seeding.

Second, care method: wheat seeder use after the first agricultural machinery should be clean, clearing machinery on the dirt, oil and seed boxes boxes and fertilizer residue. Relaxed chain, belt and springs to maintain its natural state, so as to avoid deformation. Timely replacement of worn opener, gears, chains and other parts. Rusty parts should be coated with antirust oil. Opener had blown the ground. Park your machine in a dry and ventilated storehouse. Plastic and rubber parts to avoid sunlight and invasion of oil, so as to avoid accelerated aging.