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China's First Film Side Corn Planter In The Province Put Into Application
Jul 18, 2016

In support of "major crops to withstand seasonal drought technology research and demonstration" project under the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Physiology Laboratory researchers maize cultivation from 2012 to carry out research mulched maize high yield cultivation techniques accumulated area, after nearly five years of efforts, so mulching high accumulated temperature region to promote breakthrough has been made, the film side integrated corn sowing comprehensive cultivation technology. The technology arcuate ridge formed by corn planted in the film side, laying, not ditching laying technology, an effective solution to the high temperatures lead to premature aging of corn, Fangmiao investment and work and other issues, significantly increased maize yield and rainfall use efficiency.

According to the technical needs, the Institute of Academy of corn Province successfully developed China's first film side corn planter, made two utility model patents and patent an invention, to achieve the Arts-in-one, an organic agricultural agronomic integration.