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Corn Market Has Entered A Period Of Adjustment: Valor Machinery Actively
Jul 18, 2016

In 2016, China's corn market after years of explosive growth, due to the constantly changing market factors, corn from the rapid development of the market and into the low speed adjustment.

At present, the regional distribution of maize cultivation in China is more extensive, cultivation agronomic and variety is also different, functions can be divided into corn corn Harvester harvests and the stored forage Harvester, harvesting methods can be divided into snapping machine and grain direct mobile phones. At present, the picker is China's mainstream products in the market, is the development trend of corn Harvester. For now, the maize grain harvesters in China is still in the research and development stage, not mass production, while grain direct mobile phones on maize of high moisture requirements, to really popularized also needed some time before, so the next few years, snapping machine will still occupy a dominant position.

Face the difficult market situation and the fierce market competition, fierce machine to "innovation-driven quality first" as its purpose, constantly optimize the product structure, and actively respond to market changes. At present, the intrepid machinery has been formed, self propelled corn harvesters, forage harvesters, corn grain Harvester three product lines.