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Forage Harvester Easy To Use
Jun 28, 2017

Forage Harvester easy to use

Pepper harvester

Small gasoline harvester chilli slices machine corn stalks side machine

Pepper bumper harvest, to bring people picking difficulties, I plant after years of research and development, and finally processing a small, lightweight type of pepper harvester, by the small gasoline engine as a driving force, single row of wheels, automatic walking, Pepper harvest must choose the machine. Pepper harvesting machine can automatically walk, blade sharp, with 65 iron steel quenching process processing, harvesting after the pepper is not scattered, neatly back to the side, easy for later artificial strapping.

1, the aircraft harvest clean, laying neatly, can be shop or stack; in the paddy field dry land quickly harvest rice, beans, wheat and other crops.

2, when harvesting do not bend over hunchback, men and women can be used for labor. Replace the corresponding tool, install the upper and lower pallet and safe protective cover, but also harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea garden branches pruning and nursery flat dressing.

3, the aircraft adapted to the plains, hills, terraces, triangular and other large plots and mud fields; per hour to harvest 1.2-1.5 acres, harvesting an acre of rice and other crops to 90 #, 93 # gasoline market price, Fuel consumption of about 4.00 yuan or so.

4, the machine is simple, easy maintenance. Engine are using Japanese technology, powerful and stable, the cylinder wall by chrome-plated, coupled with the enhanced crankshaft, the engine life extension, the performance to achieve the best match.

5, the machine blade are made of high quality manganese steel, transmission part of the use of advanced high-frequency quenching process, wear resistance, transmission part of the connection teeth accurate and sophisticated, smooth movements, greatly reducing the user's maintenance costs.

6, the machine put on the corresponding tool or work head, fitted with safety shield, but also harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea garden branches pruning and nursery dressing.

The harvester is a mechanized harvesting crop that finishes harvesting, threshing, and concentrating the grain into the storage bin, and then transport the grain to the truck through the conveyor. Can also be used artificial harvest, rice, wheat and other crops in the field laying in the field, and then use grain harvesting machinery to pick up threshing. Harvesting rice, wheat and other cereal crops and straws crop harvesting machinery. Including harvesters, cutting machines, balers, grain combine harvesters and grain threshers. Care should be taken when handling harvesters:

1, before the harvest before: check the harvester parts are intact.

2, the machine into the field, and then pull the straw pull to the job location, put down the grain table, the food exclusion gate pulled to "open" position, then the food bag hook hanging on the food bag, the machine fired ridge vertical position.

3, commissioning machine: dust control handle to the "standard" position, vice variable handle according to the crop conditions, select the pull to the "high speed" or "low speed" position, row of grass handle into the "grass" or "grass "position.