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Forage Harvester Feed Harvesting Machinery
Jul 11, 2017

Forage Harvester Feed harvesting machinery

With the rapid development of China's economy, the living standards of our people continue to improve, people's food structure is gradually changing. Per capita grain consumption is decreasing year by year, the proportion of meat, eggs and milk is increasing. However, in the meat, low-fat, high-protein cattle, mutton per capita possession is very small, while the possession of milk and dairy products is still far below the world average. To increase the proportion of beef and mutton, we must vigorously develop cattle and sheep breeding industry, and silage and harvesting machinery is an important part of this development process. Green feed harvest is a very high operational requirements for the timeliness of operations. Because the silage feed on the nutrient content, chopping degree, fermented performance requirements, harvest too late will have a greater impact on its early harvest, the dry matter and nutrient content is low, moisture content is too high; harvest too late, The transitional fibrosis, moisture content is too low, is not conducive to full fermentation. General silage maize and barley and other crops in the best harvest period of less than a week. At present, China's silage harvesting and processing are mainly three ways: one is hand-plus semi-mechanized operations, harvest by artificial assembly war, the truck transported to the silo side, and then hand-chaff cutter chopped, mainly by the people Sea warfare to complete the whole process of silos operation; the second is the use of traction (suspension) type harvester operation, harvesting, chopping, throwing a complete, need to open up the work of artificial Road, chopped poor quality, loss of waste, , The operating efficiency is low; Third, self-propelled green forage harvester, generally large and medium-sized, sub-line and not the line of two forms, harvesting, chopping, throwing a complete, good quality of operation, auxiliary labor, High, loss is small, easy to transfer. 2

Production of silage requires green fodder harvesting machinery. Self-propelled green feed harvester has the characteristics of high harvest efficiency and good working performance, and is popular in large and medium-sized farms. In order to meet the urban and rural markets for milk, dairy products and the demand for beef and mutton, in order to meet the development of China's cattle, sheep industry climax, mass production of domestic self-propelled green forage harvesting machine is imperative.

With the development of human progress of science and technology, China's agricultural machinery and equipment level is also a steady pace. Similarly, in the corn green storage equipment, the level of operation of the green storage machine has also increased significantly, more and more perfect automation services. Green storage machine to achieve the silage technology, transportation, storage of the whole mechanized operations, a significant reduction in the application of the green storage machine threshold for the green storage machine technology in the country to promote the provision of favorable machinery and equipment protection.

Green storage machine has the design features are:

1, the green storage machine is the use of no spacing harvest, suitable for different planting density; high efficiency, power consumption is small; with any direction of the adjustment of the outlet, the silage smoothly sprayed to the picking vehicle.

2, the green storage machine is equipped with a safety clutch and take-off device, such as the emergence of excess feeding caused by clogging, operation of positive and negative clutch handle, crop taking, instantaneous normal harvest.

3, the unique cutting table design, greatly improve the lodging silage crop yield, according to the crop level and lodging situation, free to adjust the height of the Wo round; according to the required crop height and ground leveling, control the hydraulic cylinder up and down cutting table Proper location.

4, the green storage machine in the harvest, the silage of livestock feed, because the straw is rolled through the seven conveyor roller rolled after the cut, can be directly sealed storage or feeding; hydraulic stepless speed control device can control the speed at any time. Fifth, the turning radius is small, can be trailer trailer, open the road into the harvest area.