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Hand Corn Seeder
Jul 21, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Application:Wheat, Corn, Peanut, Beans

  • Application Field:Agriculture

  • Power Source:Electric

  • Mechanization:Simple Planting Machine

  • Ditching Mode:Continuous Ditching

  • Sowing:Drilling Seeder

Product Description

1. This product is compact and lightweight (3kg weight). It is easy to operate. It can plant peanuts, corn, soybean, cotton, melon seeds and other crop seeds. For example, One person can plant the seeds of corns about 5000 holes per hour.
2. This product is high-precision seeding. Planting spacing, grains and the depth can be adjusted according to the requirements of the users. And there will be no harm to the seeds.
3. This machine is more applicable to the areas which are mountains and hills where the large machinery can not work.