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Hose Reel Irrigation Machine
Nov 16, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Rainstar TX Plus: 65 TX, 75TX, 85TX, 90TXAurorain:

  • Type:Irrigation System

Product Description
Rainstar series TX Plus provide the following additional features:

* Wide range of models selection: From 65 series to 90 series. And also smallest ones 40, 50.
* The most precise irrigation: The remarkable energy-saving and a hundred percent well distributed water jet.
* Fifteen years service life for the basic unit and ten year service life for PE-pipe.
* Simple assembling: Easy handling and safety operation.
* Efficient water-saving: The water-saving rate can be over seventy-five percent
* Gentle rain-----High Yields.
* Adapt ideally to specific farm conditions for any size small or large

Autorain Series:
Custom-designed small-type irrigation machine for sports, grassland, golf court, playground, parks and gardens, as will as urban and rural areas. Available types from 40-120 to 50-74, accurate driving of turbine and precise ratchet / chain drive, low connection pressure and compact in machine size which could be pulled by man also. Completely self-contained satisfies anyone for different demand.