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Industrialization Development Of Farm Machinery Power Straws
Jul 18, 2016

Agricultural mechanization is the straw purchase of critical path

Straw industry insight along with people, more and more countries begin to stalk utilization of energy as an important strategic, into liquid fuels, gas and biological carbon energy utilization mode. In this context, how to improve collection and storage and transportation system of straw, raise the level of comprehensive utilization of straw mass becomes a top priority.

In this regard, the author believes that mechanization is the important path of straw purchases. In the area of comprehensive utilization of straw, collection and transportation links have been caught in the middle of the neck. Farmers, freight payable work effort, not active. And for enterprises, they have but no raw materials of straw utilization technology available. How to make straw arrived from the field workshop, mechanized straw storage system to effectively solve the problem.

Straw comprehensive utilization pilot town in some major grain-producing areas, farmers buy Bander, a binding job and straw all aspects of transport machinery, financial subsidies at the district and town levels, enhance the enthusiasm of farmers ' collection of straw. The straw purchase of enterprises, are all temporary stack up a shipment of straw compression and then shipped to comprehensive utilization enterprise. Examples of this is the mechanized collection storage and transportation technology of straw and straw waste, not only to achieve comprehensive utilization of straw, recycling, promoting agricultural production and farmers ' income.

Mechanization technology is picking up bales of straw by straw baler for field work, baled straw after forming small size and compact, easy to transport and store; straw Crusher equipment agricultural residues such as straw can be crushed into particles, debris, biomass fertilizer, fuel, fodder, widely, and deserve recognition. We know that using straw straw particle machine, raising the value of straw combustion at the same time, has also increased its economic value per tonne of straw direct sales best prices on dozens of money, and after the use of straw particle machine, sale price at around 500 yuan per ton of particles, and realize great-leap improvement. So, in the mechanized straw becomes with the help of the "gold", not only reduces the element of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air, and make full use of straw resource, from the source to control the burning of straw.