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Irrigation Machine Adapt To The Outdoors
Sep 25, 2017

Irrigation Machine Adapt to the outdoors

Characteristics and advantages of irrigation machine

    Characteristics and advantages

 1. Internet of things front-end selection of independent research and development of integrated intelligent monitoring terminal, high integration, easy installation and maintenance. IP66 above the degree of protection, dust and water, to adapt to outdoor rainy damp environment.

 2. Front-end equipment through wireless transmission connected to the central monitoring point, the farthest wireless transmission distance can reach 8 km, to meet the needs of the vast majority of cases.

 3. Front-end communication module, control module and solenoid valve and other equipment are used low-power design, support for solar power.

 4. Smartphone client APP and WeChat public service number interface module, anytime, anywhere remote monitoring of agricultural environment and remote control of related irrigation equipment. Environmental alarm and control information can be mobile phone text messages, MMS, WeChat and other ways to push and publish in real time

 5. According to the different crops in different stages of water demand, the establishment of control templates, without human intervention, by the system to achieve automatic control.

 6. The system can automatically according to the collected environmental data for intelligent analysis, flexible control of irrigation equipment. Advanced multi-factor intelligent control module and intelligent rules engine. You can set a number of environmental factors as a combination of rules trigger conditions, the same rules, can trigger a phased complex action, so that regulation more accurate and more intelligent.

 7. Support the timing task, you can days, weeks, months for the cycle, according to the time period set the irrigation equipment to open and close.

 8. Software system can support Internet-based cloud computing rental mode (SAAS), according to the use and use of time charges, customers do not need to purchase separate software and servers, the smallest investment, the installation of the shortest implementation cycle, without maintenance.

 9. Front-end equipment installation and deployment without power supply and network lines, construction is simple, ready-to-use.

Reel-type irrigation machine can irrigate large areas of farmland, but also according to the size of the nozzle to control the size of the water spray to meet the different requirements of the water spray irrigation is the appropriate choice for farmland water-saving irrigation. But also for power plants, ports, sports grounds, urban green space and other needs of irrigation and dust spraying occasions.

How it works:

Roller-type irrigation machine using water-powered power drive system. The use of large cross-section of the small pressure design, in a small flow, you can achieve a higher recovery rate, the water turbine speed from the water turbine shaft leads a two-speed belt drive device into the reducer, The transmission produces a large torque force to drive the winch to rotate, in order to achieve automatic recovery of PE pipe. At the same time by the water turbine out of the high pressure water flow through the PE pipe directly to the nozzle, the nozzle evenly sprayed high pressure water over the crop, scattered into small droplets evenly landing, and with the PE pipe movement without intermittent spraying operations.