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Irrigation Machine Enhance Resistance To Natural Disasters
Sep 13, 2017

Irrigation Machine Enhance resistance to natural disasters

Analysis of the importance of irrigation machine on the development of modern agriculture:

According to statistics, China can account for 6% of the world can update fresh water resources, 9% of arable land, to solve the world's 21% of the population of food and clothing problems; to account for 49.6% of the irrigated area of irrigated area production of three quarters of the country's food and 90% Above the economic crop. However, China still has to face more than half of the existing cultivated land in the low-yielding fields, there are farmland irrigation and drainage facilities, low standard, poor support, aging, despite the effect of gratifying, water-saving irrigation development is still lagging behind the status quo. Therefore, we should increase the irrigation and micro-jet equipment and other new irrigation equipment construction, do everything we can to improve our existing agricultural development environment.

To maintain the existing irrigated area of cultivated land, through the water-saving irrigation facilities including drip irrigation equipment and micro-jet equipment, water conservancy construction facilities to improve irrigation assurance rate, enhance the ability to resist natural disasters, consolidate the basis of agricultural production, Improve grain yield, reduce the cost of agricultural production is to solve the national food security, agricultural development, farmers and other prominent issues an important means of income.

Scientific research shows that the contradiction between China's people's increasing water shortage is very prominent, the need to develop water-saving irrigation as a fundamental measure to grasp.

Among the many factors that affect grain production, the yield of water is the most prominent, and the contribution rate of water conservancy to grain production is more than 40%. Drought and water shortage is the natural enemies of agricultural production, "experts said that natural disasters, water resources increasingly valuable background, relying on the power of science and technology to promote agricultural water efficient irrigation technology breakthroughs and extensive use of agricultural integrated production capacity and The key to the ability to resist natural disasters. Sprinkler irrigation equipment is the basis of modern agricultural mechanization, with a variety of advantages, today and we detailed analysis of the advantages of sprinkler equipment.

Water saving effect is remarkable, water utilization rate can reach 80%. Under normal circumstances, sprinkler irrigation and ground irrigation compared to the effect can be increased by 2 times;

Crop yield increase, generally up to 20% -40%. The reason is the abolition of the farm, fur, field irrigation ditch and ridge ridge, an increase of 15% -20% of the sown area;

The use of sprinkler irrigation equipment has greatly improved the field microclimate and agro - ecological environment;

Greatly reducing the field canal construction and management of maintenance and the formation of land and other workload;

Reducing the cost of farmers for irrigation and labor, increased farmers' income;

Irrigation with irrigation is conducive to speed up the realization of agricultural mechanization, industrialization, modernization;

Avoid the secondary salinization of soil due to excessive irrigation;

Sprinkler irrigation with uniform, soil is not tied, is conducive to grab the season, the preservation of seedlings.