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Irrigation Machine Generally Used
Aug 09, 2017

Irrigation Machine Generally used

Water-saving irrigation is part of the modernization of agriculture, irrigation machine is the core of water-saving irrigation equipment. Sprinkler machines are generally used reel-type pump, which is because the reel-type pump can reel, easy to use, easy remote control, the implementation of automated operation. China from the last century 60's began to study the production of reel sprinkler, followed by a large development and application. But at present the domestic widely used reel sprinkler is basically only mixed and mixed outside the two types. These two types of reel-type sprinkler with turbo-type pressure chamber, complex structure, casting difficulties, which is the biggest weakness of reel pump. At the same time, this complex structure of the irrigation machine can only cast cast iron materials, therefore, in the process of moving a lot of labor intensity. So the need to develop a simple structure type, in order to use die-casting and other advanced technology and aluminum, engineering plastics and other light materials for manufacturing, production.

In China, farmland irrigation water consumption accounts for 70% to 80% of total water consumption, while field crops (wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.) account for 50% to 60% of farmland irrigation water, so the focus of agricultural water On the field crop. At present, the field of crop irrigation to pipe irrigation, drainage irrigation, which still holds a large proportion of irrigation. Compared with the canal irrigation, although the water intake has taken an important step, but only to improve the canal water utilization, and field water use rate is not much improvement. Compared with the traditional tillage, the water saving effect is not improved, but it can not be extended in large area because of the incompatibility with the traditional farming method. Semi-fixed, mobile sprinkler due to operation, management inconvenience, it is difficult to large area applications. In order to explore the best water-saving irrigation model for large-scale crops, Feicheng has invested more than 150 million yuan since 1996, and has introduced more than 10 sets of reel-type sprinkler with international advanced level. It is applied to field crops and control area of 333 hectares , And achieved very good results. After the start of the reel sprinkler, the water in the impeller is driven by the diffuser of the pump into the gas-liquid separation chamber under the action of the impeller, resulting in a certain vacuum in the impeller inlet, forcing the liquid level in the inlet pipe to rise. The liquid in the gas-liquid separation chamber of the pump body drops under the action of gravity. For external mixing, the falling water will be in the gas-liquid separation chamber under the pressure of the lower part of the pump through the return hole again into the pump body. At the impeller of the impeller, the circulating water and the inlet pipe into the impeller gas mixed into gas-liquid two-phase mixture to separate and maintain the vacuum at the impeller inlet. The separated gas is discharged from the pump outlet, and the water repeats the above cycle. For internal mixing, the falling high pressure water enters through the return valve and is mixed with the gas at the impeller inlet. And then into the gas-liquid separation chamber after separation.