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Irrigation Machine Irrigation Method
Oct 17, 2017

Irrigation Machine Irrigation method

Irrigation method is the field of water distribution method is how to have been sent to the head of the irrigation water evenly distributed to the crop root activity layer to go. According to irrigation water through which way into the root activity layer, irrigation methods can be divided into ground irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and underground irrigation.

First, ground irrigation

Ground irrigation is an ancient tradition of irrigation methods, and generally it is used as a basis for comparing water saving. However, ground irrigation technology is constantly evolving, so there are many more water-saving methods than traditional ground irrigation techniques.

1, optimization of irrigation technical factors

Irrigation technical elements refers to the ditch, furrow specifications, into the plot (ditch) flow, change the water into the number. The reasonable combination of these irrigation techniques will be water-saving effect, the general experience shows that the furrow irrigation and border irrigation with a smaller plot, ditch size, you can greatly improve the irrigation uniformity and irrigation efficiency, that is often said that the small plot short Ditch. As for the size of the ditch is appropriate, due to different terrain and soil-based, around the test to determine.

2, the new furrow irrigation tools

The traditional furrow irrigation is man-made from the aqueduct opening water into the ditch, this is neither accurate nor inconvenient, and often due to leakage caused by leakage of water field loss, foreign already use siphon (for open channel water transport situation ) Or gate pipe (for the case of pipeline water) water, China has done some tests to prove that the field can improve water use rate of 5-10%, but the relevant tools have not yet mass production, and farmers are not used to, Promotion has yet to be time.

3, surge irrigation

In modern times, there was also a wave of irrigation or intermittent irrigation, that is, the flow into the ditch was intermittent and the water was stopped for some time (minutes or tens of minutes) (For a few minutes or tens of minutes), so that the distribution of water along the length of the furrow is more uniform. Field water use coefficient of up to 80% to 90%. Is a promising method of water saving irrigation. At the beginning of the 1990s, some units began to study and pilot this, but in order to achieve the purpose of intermittent water in the field will be arranged to control the intermittent water discharge device (mechanical valve and electronic control valve two). To produce a reliable, low-cost intermittent water discharge device is the key to promote the technology.

4, tail water recovery system

In the soil infiltration rate is small, each ditch into the flow of some easy to pour evenly some, but often makes the water has flowed to the ditch when the ditch is not filling enough, so inevitably cause ditch tail discharge , If the discharge will be drained of waste water will be wasted, if at this time in the trench to install the water system to collect the drainage for the lower plots of irrigation, or pumped to the height of re-irrigation. This is also a water-saving measure. But China is still rarely used.