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Irrigation Machine Irrigation Range
Oct 26, 2017

Irrigation Machine Irrigation range

Roller irrigation machine is the best irrigation equipment, irrigation range, water-saving, for a variety of crops, plant sprinkler irrigation. Roller reel before the operation of the reel to adjust the level of the bottom of the reel, and with the ground anchor, reel from the towing position should be converted to the working position should be fixed, the field should be left nozzle channel, single nozzle roll Disc-type sprinkler should be fan-shaped spray.

In the laying of water pipes, should be in the reel on the remaining pipeline shall not be less than one lap, nozzle car should be along the line drag, its speed shall not exceed 3km / h. Operation can only adjust the nozzle speed, no other parameters to adjust, walking speed should be adjusted in accordance with the planned irrigation quota.

Roller and sprinkler carts must be adjusted to the specified location fixed and locked; in the field of the drag speed of not more than 5km / h, the speed of the road on the drag can not exceed 10km / h The Sprinkler should be stored in storage, and axle support, tire pad from the ground.

When the sprinkler operation should be clean after the nozzle, the annual irrigation after the end of a maintenance. Especially for easy rusty surface, to wipe the water to prevent rust or stains, in the rotation of the Department of butter, and in the hollow shaft at the lubricating oil. Store the spring to relax, replace the wear and tear, affecting the normal use of the parts. :

1, greenhouse: because the infiltration irrigation is underground irrigation, basically no water on the surface, in the winter can reduce the greenhouse humidity, which can reduce the shedding and water droplets, increase the light, reduce the occurrence of plant diseases, to achieve production Increase income. In the greenhouse to take gravity irrigation, just one meter from the ground can be a high water tank can be used when the first water into the tank, until the water temperature to room temperature when the irrigation.

2, urban greening: small lawn, flower beds can take gravity irrigation, 1000 square meters above the lawn to take low pressure infiltration irrigation. It is not necessary to pollute pedestrians or streets when it is irrigated. It will not affect the lawns (such as soccer fields, golf courses, urban green spaces, etc.). ) The normal use.

3, field crops: low pressure infiltration irrigation used in field crops, in each ridge to open a 10-15cm groove will be infiltration irrigation pipe into the trench, then point species. In the arid area of the north, it is only necessary to carry out four irrigation for one month after sowing and sowing. Each time the water consumption is equivalent to 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the flooding. As the infiltration pipe buried in the ground, so drip irrigation, drip irrigation pipe, PE pipe and other ground laying drip irrigation equipment application life longer.