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Irrigation Machine Irrigation Tools
Jun 28, 2017

Irrigation Machine Irrigation tools

Sprinkler is a kind of equipment for farmland irrigation. It is an essential irrigation tool for farmland irrigation. It adopts new irrigation technology to effectively reduce people's workload and improve work efficiency. Sprinkler is a kind of equipment, such as power machine, pump, pipe, nozzle, mobile device and so on, which can be sprayed to the ground evenly to solve the lot of irrigation work.

A variety of sprinkler, commonly used a small sprinkler, large sprinkler, translating sprinkler, mobile sprinkler, reel sprinkler, pointer sprinkler, central shaft sprinkler, round sprinkler, double cantilever Type irrigation machine and other types.

Of course, different sprinklers have different uses, so the use of irrigation machine is also very wide, mainly for crops, forestry nursery, animal husbandry grassland, vegetable fruit trees, cash crops, garden turf and flowers. In addition, it is also used for environmental control (such as dustproof, windproof, anti-dry hot air, frost-resistant cooling, etc.), sewage treatment, fish pond oxygen, and integrated spraying liquid fertilizer, herbicides, chemicals, pesticides, pesticides The Sprinkler irrigation is very adaptable, almost for any crop, soil, terrain, regional, climatic conditions are applicable, so the application is quite extensive.

The use of irrigation machine 5 major advantages:

1, water

Can control the water spray and irrigation uniformity, to avoid ground irrigation is easy to produce ground runoff and deep leakage loss, which can improve water use efficiency, saving irrigation water.

2, increase production

The use of smaller irrigation quota for shallow irrigation of crops, easy to strictly control the soil moisture, so that it is more suited to crop growth and water demand. Sprinkler irrigation on the soil layer does not produce mechanical damage, can maintain the soil aggregate structure, so that the soil loose, porous, ventilation conditions, promote nutrient decomposition, microbial activity, improve soil fertility. Sprinkler can adjust the field microclimate, increase the temperature of near surface, summer can cool down, frost frost in winter, but also leaching dust on the stem and leaf, promote respiration and photosynthesis, and thus to the crop to create a good living environment, promote crop growth Development, to achieve the purpose of increasing production.

3, the provincial workers

To achieve a high degree of mechanization, greatly improve production efficiency, especially the use of automated operation of the sprinkler system, but also save a lot of labor. Sprinkler eliminates the field's water ditch, reducing the growth of weeds, eliminating the need for refurbishment of ditches and removal of weeds. Sprinkler can also be combined with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but also save a lot of labor.

4, the province

Sprinkler irrigation pipeline, without the field of irrigation ditches and furrow ridge, under normal circumstances, dry, branch, bucket, agriculture, fur channel covers an area of about 10 to 15%, compared to irrigation can increase 7 to 10% of arable land.

5, improve product quality

According to the practice proved that sprinkler can not only increase production, but also improve product quality. Many parts of our country in the use of irrigation machine irrigation, the output, grade has greatly improved. Not only tea, fruit trees, or crops have a substantial increase.

Sprinkler is a water-saving, increase production and efficient irrigation methods, but also high energy consumption irrigation. Because many places in the choice of improper water, resulting in congestion during irrigation, water turbidity and other issues, so the choice of water or a lot of control, select groundwater or well water.