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Irrigation Machine Pump Pressure
Aug 24, 2017

Irrigation Machine Pump pressure

Sprinkler practicality:

Sprinkler is the pressure of the pump or the formation of pressure through the pressure of the pipeline to the field, in the nozzle spray into the air, the formation of small water droplets, even dripping field, to achieve the purpose of irrigation. It can improve the comprehensive utilization of water, irrigation uniformity and to achieve automatic management of irrigation machine.

Sprinkler technology is also known as artificial rainfall, the use of this technology can achieve water saving, increase production, labor and other significant effects, but also to improve the field of microclimate, such as humidification, cooling, etc., so its practicality is superior of. Automatic sprinkler equipment components

1, water source

Sprinkler systems, like ground irrigation systems, have water first. Rivers, canals, reservoirs, ponds, lakes, well springs and so can be used as sprinkler system water. Sprinkler irrigation in addition to the water must meet the water quality requirements, but also must meet the nozzle of the work pressure. When the spray irrigation water is higher than the irrigation area, and there is enough pressure difference, the use of natural water head, self-pressure sprinkler irrigation. In addition, mechanical pressure must be used.

2, pressurized equipment:

Including pumps and power. Sprinkler system commonly used pumps have centrifugal pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, deep well submersible pumps. Power machine with electric motors, diesel engines, gasoline engines, but also commonly used tractor or tractor instead.

3, the pipeline system:

Sprinkler systems include pipes, standpacks and fittings. Pipes generally have a trunk, trunk and branch pipe three, small works may only dry and branch two levels. In order to avoid the impact of the nozzle spray nozzle, often in the branch pipe installed with standpipe nozzle, the length is generally 0.5 ~ 2.5m. In order to connect and control the piping system, the pipeline is equipped with a certain size and quantity of pipe accessories, such as elbow, tee, four, all kinds of joints (expansion joints, reducer joints, quick joints), various valves , Check valve) and safety protection devices.

4, nozzle:

Sprinkler is a special equipment of the sprinkler equipment, is an important part of the sprinkler system, its role is to have a pressure of concentrated water flow through the nozzle nozzle spray out in the air or shatter the device under the action of the water will be dispersed into small water droplets , Evenly sprayed in the field.