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Irrigation Machine Wide Range Of Irrigation
Sep 30, 2017

Irrigation Machine Wide range of irrigation

Irrigation machine is the best equipment in sprinkler irrigation, wide range of irrigation, water-saving, for a variety of crops, plant sprinkler irrigation. Before the operation of the irrigation machine, the reel base frame will be adjusted to the horizontal state and be anchored with the ground. The reel should be fixed after the transfer position is changed to the working position. The field should be kept in the field, and the single nozzle irrigation machine should be carried out Fan-shaped spray.

In the laying of water pipes, should be in the reel on the remaining pipeline shall not be less than one lap, nozzle car should be along the line drag, its speed shall not exceed 3km / h. Operation can only adjust the nozzle speed, no other parameters to adjust, walking speed should be adjusted in accordance with the planned irrigation quota.

When the whole machine is towed, the reel and the nozzle truck must be adjusted to the fixed position and locked. The speed of towing in the field shall not exceed 5km / h, and the speed of towing on the road shall not exceed 10km / h. Sprinkler should be stored in storage, and axle support, tire pad from the ground.

When the sprinkler operation should be clean after the nozzle, the annual irrigation after the end of a maintenance. Especially for easy rusty surface, to wipe the water to prevent rust or stains, in the rotation of the Department of butter, and in the hollow shaft at the lubricating oil. Store the spring to relax, replace the wear and tear, affecting the normal use of the parts. Drain the crossbar and the water in the pipeline at the central axis: turn off the pressure gauge below the valve will drain the water. Open the ball valve at each splice connection, including between the central and first spans and the remaining spans, draining the water in the pipe. After completion of these operations, return the ball valve to the neutral position (in the middle of the opening and closing to prevent damage to it) Open and clean the deflector If you install a gun that stops or automatically stops the valve shaft, drain the electric valve filter cover The middle of the water, disconnect all the control hoses and drain the water and then connect them again, so avoid the soil or insects to enter. Drain the water pressure valve and spray gun to prevent ice damage.

Sprinkler equipment to start spraying, should slowly open the drain valve, one by one to start the nozzle, and gradually adjust the pressure to the nozzle pressure rating, is strictly prohibited at the same time start all the nozzle; stop spraying, should be slowly closed one by one discharge valve, not at the same time all the nozzle. Spraying machine electrical parts of the wiring is firm, safe, well grounded, melt specifications meet the requirements, the instrument display position is correct, wires, cables are not damaged; rotating parts running flexible, operating handle and button work reliable and flexible; Brake and safety devices are safe and reliable; tire pressure to meet the requirements; water test run, the pipe joints sealed and reliable; the field did not affect the operation of the obstacles The Water supply and water supply, should slowly open and close the sprinkler valve or water supply bolt. Should be consistent with the operation: First, the first end of the pipeline pressure in the design requirements; Second, the rotating parts running smoothly, no abnormal sound; Third, no leakage at the seal; Fourth, the emitter is working properly.