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Monitoring Of Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment Market And Investment Prospects In China Report 2016-2022
Jul 18, 2016

Booz 2016-2022, data released by the China irrigation equipment market monitoring and investment prospects of study introduced sprinkler irrigation equipment industry overview, China irrigation equipment industry operating environment, analysis of sprinkler irrigation equipment industry in China: status quo, China irrigation equipment industry competition, China irrigation equipment industries doing business conditions analysis and forecast for sprinkler irrigation equipment industry development and investment prospects in China. If you would like to a system of irrigation equipment industry understand or want to invest in irrigation equipment industry, this report is your indispensable tool.

Pressurized water through a nozzle into the air, raindrops dotted about the fields and crops on farmland irrigation equipment. Its irrigation water pumps booster, natural drop of the high water level is also available. Pump pressurized sprinkler irrigation equipment, including engines, pumps, pipes and nozzles and other parts natural drop irrigation equipment can be used without the engine and water pump.

Sprinkler irrigation equipment is mainly composed of water engines, pumps, piping and sprinkler heads and other components. Water power machine, pump and auxiliary voltage regulation and safety equipment sprinkler irrigation pumping station. Joined with a pumping station at all levels of piping and valve, safety valve, exhaust valve, such as water conveyance system of composition. Spraying equipment including late-stage pipeline, sprinklers or walking devices.

(1) the high elasticity of supply and demand of irrigation equipment. Compared with agricultural products, the demand elasticity and the elasticity of supply of irrigation equipment are quite large. Market demand for sprinkler irrigation equipment is volatile and, therefore, income increase, reduction or price changes, its market demand is big, that is, income and price elasticity of demand for irrigation equipment.

(2) irrigation equipment price volatility. Price fluctuations of sprinkler irrigation equipment, primarily with sprinkler irrigation equipment manufacturing investment cycle and cyclical market changes and other factors. Compared with agriculture, irrigation equipment price fluctuations with frequent fluctuations, changes in amplitude, significant effect on sprinkler equipment production and management and other prominent features.