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Nonghaha Determined To Build Irrigation Machine Thriving Enterprise, To The World
Jul 18, 2016

Haha machinery group co is located in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province shenze County, was founded in 1990, after more than 20 years of development, today the company covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters, total assets of 200 million Yuan. More than 20 years to, Hebei agricultural haha company relies on independent innovation and introduced absorption, has will from tillage sowing, and warehouse turned type row species, and gas sucking type row species and deep pine full layer fertilization, advanced technology and more than 60 more items patent should for products innovation, constantly for modern agricultural dedication efficient, and save, and environmental type farm machinery, became China farm machinery industry specifications full, and varieties more, and sales volume big of leading enterprise.

Starting from 2013, Nong ha ha of water-saving irrigation technology innovations and breakthroughs, sustained investment, and actively develop reel type sprinklers, 2015 haha series reel type sprinklers produced 500 units. Determined to be HA HA into the irrigation machine enterprises, into the world.

Lol SD series, QD series of reel type sprinklers are introduced Italy advanced irrigation technology, carefully developed high-end, intelligent irrigation system. Integrating intelligent electronic monitoring system, fertilizer equipment, truss equipment. Sound and light alarm with phone features such as remote monitoring.

Within three years, relying on strong technical research and development strength, haha reel type sprinklers has achieved the domestic leading position. After the visit, the guests and the HA Chairman Zhang Huanmin and related members of the Panel, as China reels irrigation authority of technical experts, Yan Haijun Dean haha accomplishments in terms of reel type sprinklers to be fully affirmed.

Dean think HA HA in agricultural mechanization and agricultural water-saving irrigation plays a very important role. Noted that reel type sprinklers as one of agricultural high-efficient water-saving irrigation technology, widely used in Europe, America, Australia and other developed countries, their development and promotion have been more than 70 years. Mechanical irrigation started late in China, behind, haha needs to reduce irrigation and reduce seedling, water turbine technical innovation, enhance irrigation and agronomic aspects, such as, to do more.

In the agricultural industry more than 20 years, from the edge of the small enterprise development for the Giants, HA-based agriculture, always adhere to the above the land. Haha group stands rooted in the rural, agricultural services, strategic approach to benefit farmers the promotion of fast, innovative, pragmatic, honest spirit of enterprise; follow the philosophy of people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation; implementation over China, ranks among the world's great engineering to farmers are going all out.