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Potato Planting Seedling Management Technology
Jul 18, 2016

Seedling potatoes generally refers from seedling to the 6-8 leaf pieces, height 15-20 cm, early-maturing varieties of 15 days after the end of the rosette. And some of this period is called the pre-seedlings, rosette after the fat trees to bud said late seedling stage. Hereby potato seedling growth characteristics of its management are described below:

Potato planting seedling management technology

1 potato planting seedling to ventilation. Recently, the temperature gradually increased, Koupeng potatoes attention to ventilation deflated. Daily 8-10 am at the studio when the temperature reaches above 18 ℃, clawed to vent leaked so Pengwen controlled within 25 ℃; mulch potatoes has begun emergence, seedling daily 9:00 before the whole field inspections again in a timely manner to prevent rupture unearthed roast seedlings.

2, potato planting seedling pay attention, lack of moisture at planting who observe soil moisture under the membrane. If not enough topsoil moisture drying may cause burns seedling was excavated yet, we recommend timely replenishment to facilitate emergence.

3, watering dressing potato seedling rosette leaf growth before the amount is not big, but the leaf quickly. After entering the rosette made of trees, leaf growth soared, and began to form collateral. In order to meet the fat trees for nutrients and moisture of the high demand, the rosette before watering dressing. General acre topdressing urea ammonium bicarbonate 50-100 kg or 20-30 kg. Seedling leaf growth is centered on the period, but also for the formation and tuber starch accumulation in laying the foundation period. Seedling growth requires suitable temperature is 21 ℃, the need for adequate lighting, proper moisture and abundant nitrogen supply. On the cultivation and management earlier fertilizer, watering early, and promote rapid seedling growth and root development, lay a good foundation for the harvest.