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Professional Straw Chopper Machine Wholesale
Jul 18, 2016

  Straw grass not only has good pressure, moisture, and other effects of warming, but also increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve the quality of agricultural products, increase soil water storage, water supply capacity.

Straw machine has a fixed frame at least two longitudinal support beams, beams, provided allows the traction frame along the support beam between the mobile traction frame traction frame set provided in the support frame and the a first adjusting means; longitudinally fixed with rack rail, with the first drive means can make the second rail moves along the first drive housing between the adjustment means and said frame means; provided between the output shaft of the first drive means and the second transmission input shaft of the change permit relative axial position of the two axes of the coupling, according to agronomic conditions under different crop planting different spacing Shandong professional straw chopper machine manufacturers, wholesale it can adjust the relative position between the tractor and straw machine, both to ensure the tractor in the field through sex, but also to ensure that the machine will not be across the straw ridge, thereby enhancing the straw machine agronomic adaptability.

    The main method of straw and technical points are: to ensure that there is water in the region, after the crop harvest, straw tile in topsoil administration Blends. Composting solution (agent) preparation: mu "Rui Laite" microbial preservatives catalyst 5 g / bag (per 350 kg of straw to prepare a package) with 500 grams of water to soak for 24 hours, then watered 50 kg spray or splash water on Straw on, or "stalk rot spirit" Blends 2 kg evenly spread on the straw.