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Rotary Tiller According To Different Classification
Sep 13, 2017

Rotary Tiller According to different classification

Rotary tillage machine as a new agricultural modernization of agricultural tools, the current farmers have been the use of the majority of farmers. As a tool for the use of mechanized agriculture, it makes up for the shortcomings of traditional agriculture, greatly reducing the workload of farmers, bringing a high economic efficiency.

Rotary tillage machines can be classified into different types according to different classification criteria. In terms of the power transmission lines of the rotary tiller, they can be divided into intermediate drive and side drive. The middle drive structure is simple and easy to use, but its lack of the middle may be wrapped around the grass; side drive type structure is relatively complex, but its adaptability is strong, for the paddy field operation in terms of its unparalleled superiority. According to the structure of the rotary tiller, it can be divided into round beam type and frame type. The rotary drum machine is developed earlier and the technology is relatively perfect. The frame type rotary tiller has a complicated structure and has strong rigidity and good stability. The According to the location of the rotary knife shaft can be divided into horizontal axis (horizontal) and vertical axis (vertical), horizontal axis of the rotary tiller strong energy, so the work efficiency is high, can be busy in the busy season for farmers to fight for the best , But for the energy consumption is also large; vertical axis rotary tiller for rice farming, and its horizontal axis has a strong role in the earth, but its coverage is relatively weak.

The quality of the machine is directly related to the efficiency of use, and all the mechanical equipment is composed of several parts, which contains a lot of small parts, each part of the production should be better, so as to ensure that the whole The passing rate of the machine and the high quality. Next, we will specifically analyze the agricultural machinery in the rotary tiller products, in the production of some of the requirements. Rotary tillage machine is equipped with tractors to complete a series of farming, rake work, with a strong ability to break the soil, can make the surface after cultivation flat, can be cut under the surface of the root stubble, is farmland operations Ideal tool. One of the most commonly used is the horizontal horizontal axis rotary tiller, the main castings, including the box, hanging plate and the main beam, in the production of these castings should be strictly process, there should be no cracks, pores and sand and other defects , At the same time in the processing of the surface around the hole 10 mm can not appear stomata; welding knife shaft should pay attention to the smoothness of the weld, some of the impact of the strength of the defect is strictly prohibited; in the painting process must ensure that the color of the paint Uniform, smooth and smooth, no exposed, blistering, wrinkling and flow marks of the symptoms; knife base should be coated with anti-rust paint, and for hanging pins and exposed splines should also be anti-rust prevention.