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Rotary Tiller Cutting Speed
Oct 26, 2017

Rotary Tiller Cutting speed

Self-propelled rotary tiller is a relatively new type of modern agricultural machinery, then in its production process, the use of what kind of technical characteristics?

Crawler walking system, the system to join, and the traditional rotary tiller and power output of the three perfect combination, formed with excellent walking performance and farming effect of new equipment. The whole machine adopts independent transfer box output system, standard three-point suspension, with a variety of agricultural equipment with the perfect match.

Large base frame, in this part, the use of enhanced structural design, the anteversion and rear tilt angle of 30 ° and 45 °, respectively, to increase equipment climbing and backward performance, increase the resistance of the machine, in time in deep paddy fields Can also walk freely.

Anti-scrapping device, the model with the paddy field dedicated rotary tillage, with a small power, good cutting effect, anti-scrapping device to join, reduce the power consumption of equipment, while improving farming efficiency, a farming, double effect, Substantial savings in farming costs.

In addition, the self-propelled rotary tiller also has the characteristics of walking speed and the reasonable distribution of the cutting speed of the rotary tiller and the free choice of the forward speed. Therefore, this machine has a variety of cutting speed ratio, dry land and paddy field operations, respectively, can choose high and low cutting speed, rotary tillage effect is very good. A valve spring break. If this occurs, you can loosen the valve clearance adjustment screw, let the valve closed and cut off the oil supply to the cylinder. If the valve is closed, the valve is closed and the valve is closed. So that it no longer works.

Second, the fan belt broken. Can be in the original fan belt stubs at both ends of the drill hole 1 hole, with coarse wire connection can be used for temporary use, the other can also be used to twist a number of rope rope, instead of the fan belt quite, the rope should be caught in the middle, And then tied with a wire tied.

Third, the metal tubing has crack or trachoma. Will be broken at the cut, to find the right inside and there is a certain degree of tightness of the plastic tube sets up, both ends with thin iron wire, can also be temporarily coated with soap or oil bag tied in the oil.

Fourth, the oil pump diaphragm rupture. The use of layer by layer paste coating method, or the oil cloth, plastic film cut into pieces, used in the diaphragm. If the oil pump inside the rocker arm, outer rocker clearance is too large, then the metal, wire or cotter pin in the gap, while the fine wire tied with a solid.