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Rotary Tiller Deep Plowing Method
Sep 25, 2017

Rotary Tiller Deep plowing method

Many new customers in the use of rotary tillers, the deep tillage of the rotary tiller will not be adjusted, for this situation, our experts specifically is the rotary tiller deep plowing to introduce some experience, we hope to help

According to rotary tiller manufacturers experts said that the rotary tiller deepening adjustment method is:

Rotary tillage machine with the powerful adjustment, the position adjustment hydraulic suspension mechanism of the tractor supporting the suspension of the use of steps and precautions: rotary tillage, the use of bit adjustment, prohibit the use of force adjustment, the force adjustment handle must be placed in the " Position; the rotary tiller descends, the position adjustment handle moves forward and downward, otherwise the rotary tiller rises; when the rotary tiller reaches the required tillage, the positioning hand wheel is used to block the position adjustment handle, Down to the same depth.

When the working tool is used, the dispenser handle is placed in the "floating" position when the rotary tiller is in the proper depth, and the positioning card If the lifting machine is lowered or lifted, the handle should be quickly pulled to the floating or lifting position. Do not use the "pressure drop" position to avoid damage to the rotary tiller. Stay in "pressure drop" and "neutral" position.

On the use of rotary tiller before the preparatory work, rotary tiller manufacturers said the main work include:

1, check the movement of the movement is flexible, if the phenomenon of stuck should be identified to exclude the cause.

2, check the gear box gear oil, oil quality is in line with the requirements; if necessary, replace, add a new gear oil; the bearings, bushings should also be filled with grease.

3, check the parts are complete, intact, rotary tillage blade installation is solid, with or without defects, cracks. If so, should be matched with the blade, according to the provisions of the correct torque tightening.

4, check the tension of the transmission chain. When the knife shaft is pulled by hand, if it is easier to turn around about 20 °, then it is very laborious. If the tightness does not match, tighten the tensioning screw to adjust it.