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Rotary Tiller Frame Type Can Be Divided Into
Sep 01, 2017

Rotary Tiller Frame type can be divided into

What are the structural characteristics of the rotary tiller product?

(1) according to the location of the rotary knife axis: divided into horizontal axis (horizontal) and vertical axis (vertical).

① horizontal axis rotary tiller (horizontal): a strong ability to break the soil, a job that can make the soil crushing, soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, the ground level, to dry land planting or paddy field planting requirements, , Improve work efficiency, and can take full advantage of the power of the tractor. But the residual crop, weed the ability to cover poor, deep tillage (dry farming 12 to 16 cm; water 14 to 18 cm), the energy consumption is greater.

② Vertical rotary tiller (vertical): The working part is a rotary tiller with 2 ~ 3 spiral cutter. During the operation, the rotary knife rotates around the vertical axis, and the cutter chooses the soil. Applicable to paddy field water, a strong crushed soil, from the pulp, but poor coverage.

(2) According to the structure type can be divided into: round beam type and frame type.

① round beam type can be divided into light and small, basic and enhanced type. Light and small general structure of the lighter weight, the working width is generally below 125 cm; basic type: rotary tiller gear box only by the left and right main girders connected to the same side of the board, the working width is generally below 200 cm; The gear box is connected by the left and right main girders and the secondary beam side panels, and the working width range is larger. Round beam rotary tiller production time is long, the technology is more mature, easy to use.

② frame type can be divided into single-axis and double-axis type. Through the overall welding frame to connect the rotary tiller gear box and side panels. Single-axis rotary tiller only a rotary tiller shaft, two-axis rotary tiller has two rotary knife axis, usually before and after the configuration, the front knife shaft depth, high speed, deep after the knife deep, Lower. Frame rotary tiller machine high rigidity, structural strength, good adaptability, can facilitate the composition of double-operation equipment, for deep, ridge, sowing, repression operations.

(3) according to the power transmission route can be divided into: intermediate drive and side drive.

① intermediate drive type rotary tiller: tractor power by rotary tiller powertrain system is divided into left and right sides, driving rotary tiller left and right knife rotation operation. Simple structure, the machine is rigid, symmetrical, force balance, reliable, easy to operate, but the middle there is often the phenomenon of leakage, the middle of the plow is also easy to knit grass.

② side drive rotary tiller: tractor power by rotary tiller powertrain from the side of the direct drive rotary tiller rotation. The structure is more complex, the use of higher requirements, but to adapt to the soil, vegetation capacity, especially adapted to paddy field rotary tillage operations.