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Rotary Tiller Power Transmission
Oct 17, 2017

Rotary Tiller Power transmission

Rotary tillage machines can be classified into different types according to different classification criteria. In terms of the power transmission lines of the rotary tiller, they can be divided into intermediate drive and side drive. The middle drive structure is simple and easy to use, but its lack of the middle may be wrapped around the grass; side drive type structure is relatively complex, but its adaptability is strong, for the paddy field operation in terms of its unparalleled superiority. According to the structure of the rotary tiller, it can be divided into round beam type and frame type. The rotary drum machine is developed earlier and the technology is relatively perfect. The frame type rotary tiller has a complicated structure and has strong rigidity and good stability. The According to the location of the rotary knife shaft can be divided into horizontal axis (horizontal) and vertical axis (vertical), horizontal axis of the rotary tiller strong energy, so the work efficiency is high, can be busy in the busy season for farmers to fight for the best , But for the energy consumption is also large; vertical axis rotary tiller for rice farming, and its horizontal axis has a strong role in the earth, but its coverage is relatively weak. As we all know, the rotary tiller is a power-driven farmland machinery, and has a very high production efficiency, in the market has made extensive use. The characteristics of their operations are as follows:

First, the ability to break the soil, after the operation of the ground surface can be directly cultivated to improve the production efficiency.

Second, with the use of tractors, you can give full play to the power of tractors. Many users have this experience, tractors in a separate work may be slipping and other issues, resulting in reduced traction. The rotary tiller and tractor compatibility, can be complementary role, through the rotation of the tiller, to produce a force to promote the machine forward, so you can give full play to the power of the tractor.

Third, apply to dry land operations. Many rotary tillers have a higher demand for land, and the rotary tiller can drive the rotary tiller through the tractor power output shaft to achieve the cutting of the soil, and because of its strong ability to break the soil, Covering even smooth, there will be no furrow and so on.

Fourth, high productivity. As the vertical structure size and the arrival of the trip are short, reduce the ground, can greatly improve the productivity of the machine. Fifth, save agriculture. Rotary tillage machines can be used to complete a rake operation at once, thus reducing the number of operations, you can complete the operation in a timely manner, especially in summer harvest summer season, you can greatly strive for agriculture. On the rotary tiller, purchase, use, adjustment, maintenance and other processes should pay attention to a lot of problems, and said how to make the maximum value of the rotary tiller, it is only to do the correct use.

First, before the start of the job, to ensure that the rotary tiller in a state of ascension, combined with the power output shaft, so that the speed reaches the rated speed and then down the rotary tiller. It is strictly forbidden to drop the rotary tiller and improperly operate the rotary tiller blade, causing the blade to bend or aggravate the tractor load.