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Rotary Tiller To The Separation Position
Sep 30, 2017

Rotary Tiller To the separation position

Rotating machine operation precautions

First, before use should check the various components, in particular, to check whether the rotary knife is installed and fixed bolts and universal joint locking pin is reliable, confirmed before use. When checking the rotary tiller, the power must be cut off. When you replace a rotating part such as a blade, you must turn off the tractor.

Second, before the start of the tractor, the rotary tiller clutch handle should be allocated to the separation position. To be in the state of lifting the power, to be a rotary tiller to reach the scheduled speed, the crew can start, and the rotary tiller slowly down, so that the rotary knife into the soil. It is forbidden to start directly in the case of a rotary tiller to prevent damage to the rotary tiller and related parts. It is strictly forbidden to drop the rotary tiller.

Third, the ground turn is not cut off the power, the rotary tiller shall not be raised too high, universal joint at both ends of the transmission angle shall not exceed 30 degrees, and should be appropriate to reduce the engine speed. When moving a block or a long distance, the rotary tiller should be cut off and locked to the highest position.

Fourth, the rotary tiller operation, people are strictly prohibited close to the rotating parts, rotary tiller behind no one to prevent the blade throwing hurt.

Fifth, the operation, such as the knife shaft too much to be timely parking clean up, so as not to increase the machine load. Rotary tillage, tractor and suspension part are not allowed to ride, to avoid accidentally injured by the rotary tiller.

6, the rotary tiller is relatively large, the body protruding part of the more on the road, should be low-speed, strict compliance with road traffic rules, in order to avoid scraping, rubbing, touching, collision and other accidents. Common causes of disarming of rotary tiller

(1) The rotary tiller uses a jaw clutch. Due to the long time of use, the teeth of the tooth are seriously worn, so that the meshing teeth are flattened and rounded, and the self- Easy to slip and disengage during operation. In the case of

(2) the clutch sleeve positioning spring is too small or broken, engaging teeth force or unit vibration, the clutch sleeve to produce axial sliding and off the block. In the case of

(3) meshing sleeve of the directional steel ball slot axial wear and tear, the unit in the course of the ball produced axial movement, so that the teeth off. In the case of

(4) Pull the groove and the steering rod ball wear too much, the shift process due to the axial free gap is too large, even if the hanging block, meshing teeth of the meshing width is small, the case of changes in load or unit jump is easy Disengage.