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Shicheng County, Jiangxi (branch): Promoting Multifunctional Sprinklers To Achieve Tobacco Processing Efficiency
Jul 18, 2016

"You see, this machine actually worked, not only cast a fertilizer, and played a role in irrigation, you can save a lot of time. ”

"You're right, it's only half an hour, we poured out an acre, if we use traditional methods to shoulder hand, an acre of land for at least an hour or two, and poured water and less and less irrigation. ”

"That's right! Last year I planted 10 acres of tobacco, water the effect of top dressing for the first time, our couple has spent the past two days ' time. Dynamic sprinkler with this, the future of tobacco more easily! ”

Recently, farmers in Shicheng County, Jiangxi province, Gao Tian Zhen Shang Bai village He Chaoting and Wen Zhong for the tobacco sector to provide multi-purpose power sprinklers to water the effect of topdressing of tobacco leaf while chatting.

To ensure that tobacco processing efficiency, Shicheng County tobacco franchising Bureau (branch) based on lean management requirements of tobacco production in the near future to promote multifunctional dynamic sprinkler. This sprinkler machine through gasoline engine produced power, led pressure pump will water conveying to field, both can do local precise irrigation, added soil water, meet tobacco growth need, and can will fertilizer, and pesticide dissolved in water in the, combined note fertilizer pump, modern of fertilization device, for fertilization fight drugs job, achieved has micro-irrigation fertilization (drug) integration, has water, and province Shi, and efficiency high advantages.