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Straw Bale Harvesters Become The New Favorites
Jul 18, 2016

The morning of June 3, at catcher in Heng Shui Zhen Zhai Qucun village in linzhou city, several straw bale Harvester roared, patches of moment of wheat straw and wheat grain separation, full of grains were collected into sacks, straw was gotten put farmers on tricycles.

Harvest for wheat carried out smoothly, linzhou, arrange the agricultural machinery sector, early deployment, held by 2016 "sanxia" straw comprehensive utilization of Conference, energetically spreading the straw bales harvesters to help farmers harvest wheat, meet straw recycling challenges to ensure that agricultural production and farmers ' income.

At a live demonstration on, a different brands, different types of harvesting machines for straw bales wheat fields display their power. Farmers carefully watch the demo and compare various brands of agricultural machinery, choice of suitable machinery.

"This guy's amazing, cutting wheat straw while eating, after that I stalk worry! "From the village of Lin Qi Zhen Fu Su Changjiang staring at a big straw bales Harvester, kept asking manufacturers machine performance and price. He told reporters that he can phase the machine, wait to order one.

"Straw bale straw swallowed into the belly of the harvester, bales of straw on which spits out is, look fun, save I, people need not fear steal burning straw, town, village or defend a day and night do not sleep a wink. "The city's agricultural machinery Bureau officials said Ma Jinxi," sanxia "period, town and village officials were busy burning ban, straw bale Harvester not only solve the problem of straw burning, also saves manpower.