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Straw Chopper Choose The Right Wood Shredder
Jul 26, 2017

Straw Chopper Choose the right wood shredder

It is important to know that choosing the right wood shredder model is very important for future use, but it is also important to choose the motor you are equipped with and how to understand the motor installation. If the equipment is equipped with the motor model and installed in the event of a problem, will lead to wood crusher fever or even burn the motor phenomenon. Xiaobian here to talk about the motor in the use of the process of heating problems.

 In the daily application process, we will encounter the wood crusher body heat or burn the motor phenomenon, which is mainly caused by the following two factors: First, the motor power is too large, will produce excessive wind speed, so that Vigorously wind speed down to the outlet and was blown back, resulting in low yield, re-furnace repeated repeated crushing material will lead to wood chips fever; second is the installation is not correct. Wood mill is the simplest equipment in wood equipment, but the installation and commissioning is not a simple thing, is the need for professional technical staff to install and debug, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment work. Incorrect installation will cause such problems to occur.

On the installation of wood crusher equipment is a very important part of the installation process if there is a trace of flaws that will be buried for the future use of security risks, so we all for the wood crusher equipment installation must pay great attention to it. On the installation of wood crusher equipment, we Jiuzhou machinery for everyone to sum up the following aspects of the requirements and recommendations: (1), to plan the installation of equipment on the ground, must be flat, can not have the slope, So that the equipment at work when there is shaking, affecting its work. The ground is best to use the cement to do the foundation, in the fixed time must be strong, the bottom firmly in order to continue to install up the other components; (2), in the installation of the time to be careful not to throw the parts on the ground, the purpose is to prevent Parts deformation, especially the deformation of the pipeline, pipe deformation after docking with other parts when there is a little trouble, the docking bolts must be tightened, especially the high bolt link, must meet the requirements, because the upper and lower very convenient. Out of the problem will be very troublesome to maintain. (3), the layout of the line must be done, the line should not be exposed to the outside, when the line according to the scene of the environment to be a reasonable arrangement, not too much Random, the equipment motor voltage is 380V, the human body is greatly harmful, when the layout to take into account the safety issues, but also to facilitate the use of operators; (4), in the test machine to be carefully observed when listening , Observe the equipment with or without shaking, listen to equipment, there is no noise, if any abnormal to immediately stop testing, remove the obstacles to facilitate the use of equipment in the time to achieve satisfactory results.

    The above is about the use of wood crusher equipment in the body caused by fever and burn the phenomenon of the reasons for the analysis of everyone, to ensure that everyone in the future use of wood crusher equipment performance and stability of the safe use of motor, I hope everyone for Attention to the above mentioned two points.