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Straw Chopper Crushing Operations
Jun 28, 2017

Straw Chopper Crushing operations

In the process of straw and other materials crushing operation of the straw crusher dust problem can not be ignored, the pollution problem is to be resolved, in the straw before the recycling process in the dust produced dust dust dust removal measures, And the effluent dust concentration in the efflux meets hygienic standards and emission standards. Specific measures include crushing and dust removal design, including dust control measures for straw shredder equipment and other ancillary facilities.

Straw crushing a dust, feed dust. Priority to the use of high efficiency dust stalks. When there is no wet straw conditions, dry dust can be used to filter dust, dry dust filter dust is divided into the straw shredders in the dust collector to separate dust in the filter after the two forms of dust. Can be used cyclone dust and dust bag combination of dust purification method.

In the shipment also pay attention to dust. Crawler, straw, scraper, belt conveyor and loading operations are a lot of dust, spray water can be used, closed ventilation and other measures to prevent dust distribution.

 Straw kneading machine in the production process Note: First, when starting the machine to pay attention to the first use of human power pulley, to determine the machine in the course of work is not flexible, and then start the machine. Second, in the process of stopping the production should pay attention to some of the materials in the machine for the net, then cut off the power. Third, the process of movement in the machine must pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, to the Ministry of regular lubrication to the top of the bearing, and then the production process if there are some other sound or abnormal, must check the machine clean up. Third, in the process of production must pay attention to the material evenly to prevent clogging and other conditions, affecting production. Fourth, when the machine to stop the production must be fixed on some of the bolts, check some easy to wear parts of the wear and tear, some abnormalities must pay attention to the timely repair or replacement.

Quality is one of the important factors to ensure product sales. For the straw mill, the quality of not only affect sales, but also the relationship between security, the relationship between production. Therefore, the straw mill manufacturers should pay attention to product quality. Zhengzhou Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. that grasp the quality of straw mill, from two aspects to start:

 First, improve the product process. The need for technical departments and other departments in collaboration with the development of a realistic and practical process standards, standards should be involved in all aspects and the operation of various positions, covering design, production, casting, cleaning and other processes.

Second, the implementation of standards in place, strict control of product quality. As a responsible enterprise, Zhengzhou Xin to each of the production process are very seriously, strict requirements of the work of discipline, develop a sound operational procedures, in addition to regular training, usually in the specific operation to give continuous guidance and supervision , So that each employee due diligence, good quality off.