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Straw Chopper Equipment Placed
Oct 17, 2017

Straw Chopper Equipment placed

In the use of straw feed mill, when the placement of the equipment, there is a certain knowledge, if placed properly, or the equipment is not stable, it may also affect the operation of the process of the effect, the impact To smash the effect. Therefore, when using the equipment remember to properly fixed the location of the grinder.

Teach the user how to properly fix the position of the straw feed mill Normally, the shredder should be fixed on the ground, if possible, consider the use of cement to fix, so that more secure. If the equipment needs to be moved frequently, the workplace is not fixed, then it is best to be able to use some angle structure of the base to be fixed. On the one hand to facilitate the move, the other hand can also prevent the equipment in the frequent movement of the process of damage. Corn Stalk Crusher The use of the motor should pay attention to the matter, the crusher in the use of the motor must have a reliable grounding, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Corn stover crusher should be started under an empty load, and then run for 2-3 minutes, observe the machine without any abnormal situation after feeding. Feeding as much as possible evenly feeding, and to ensure that the motor under the rated load work, at any time to observe the bearing temperature can not be too high, if any overheating should immediately stop inspection, so as not to damage the bearings, spindle and so on.

After the end of the feed, let the corn stalk crusher continue to run for 1-2 minutes, all the material in the machine is crushed and discharged and then stopped. Clean the clogging of the room, adjust the replacement hammer, sieve and belt, you must cut off the power, and other equipment to stop before running to ensure safety. Regularly check hammer, flat teeth with or without cracks, whether wear. Multi-functional feed mill equipment crushing effect is not generally good, the product equipment to buy back, is to create value for customer service. All manufacturers want their own equipment to produce better results, manufacturers are no exception, in the gradual elimination of low-end products, innovative new environmentally friendly and efficient equipment.

The emergence of multi-functional feed mill equipment greatly improves the yield of feed, the feed mill equipment can crush a variety of materials, such as corn stalks, bean sticks, wood chips, branches and so on. And straw shredder structure design is reasonable, easy to operate, less energy consumption, high production efficiency. Most of the scope of use of this equipment is used as raw material for some biomass. Straw crushers are used to include corn stalks, wheat straw, peanuts, cotton, branches, rice and so on.