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Straw Chopper High Productivity
Jul 11, 2017

Straw Chopper high productivity

Supersonic air powder powder machine production efficiency

  The device uses the German FLUENT fluid dynamics numerical simulation software, designed the most suitable flow field, the best pressure distribution to guide the design, greatly improve the crushing efficiency, reducing energy consumption and overcrowding and other issues. High efficiency, low energy consumption, compared with the traditional fluidized bed air shredder, can save energy consumption by 30%. Built-in precision turbine classifier, particle size than the ordinary air grinding more fine, narrow particle size distribution, high precision grading and no large particle size can be d50 = 5-100um arbitrary control;

Supersonic airflow powder machine running low cost

  Short downtime: unique flow field design and constant gas and solid concentration control to ensure stable operation of the system for long periods of time

 High utilization of materials: Separator design using split design, replacement only need to replace the nozzle; nozzle with high wear-resistant alloy material, long life, greatly reducing the cost of production.

Supersonic airflow powder system energy consumption is low on the basis of the original equipment to optimize the structure, performance, energy consumption and so on.

It is suitable for low melting point, heat sensitivity, sugar content and volatile material crushing. It is suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive materials. Supersonic air powder powder machine covers an area of small smashing box without material, no dead ends, easy to wash, disinfect, replace the variety of convenient, in line with GMP requirements.

  Compact structure: the turbine as a whole drive, the structure is more compact, easier to install and adjust.

 Beautiful appearance: the appearance of the use of curved structure design, simple and simple, and enhance the quality.

Ultra-fine grading machine manufacturers ultra-fine grading machine works:

   Ultrafine grading machine is by means of different sizes of solid particles, the proportion of different, so the settling velocity in the liquid of different principles, fine ore particles floating in the water into the overflow, thick ore particles sink in the bottom. By the spiral to the upper part of the discharge, to the mechanical classification of a grading equipment, the mill can be ground out of the powder level in the filter, and then the coarse material spin screw rotary screw into the mill inlet, the filter The fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe. The machine base with channel, the body made of steel welded together. Screw shaft into the head, shaft head, the use of pig iron sets, wear-resistant and durable, lifting device sub-electric and manual two.

Ultra-fine grading machine Scope:

Ultrafine grading machine mainly high weir type single helix and double helix, sinking single helix and double helix four classifier. The grading machine is widely used in the concentrator and the ball mill with the closed-loop recirculation process split ore, or used in the gravity concentrator to classify the ore and fine mud, and the metal mineral processing process for the granularity of the slurry classification, and washing Homework in the deslimatization, dehydration and other operations. The grading machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.