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Straw Chopper Smash The Material
Sep 01, 2017

Straw Chopper Smash the material

Many people will have to ask through the straw crusher crushing material texture stripes and scratches how can determine the quality of the straw mill? Crushed material texture stripes and scissors is the most important part of the straw crusher blade and motor quality is good Bad indirect reflection. The more smooth the cutting of the cutting products on our products, the more sharp the speed of our gears. On the contrary, the roughness of the cut products on the cut is that our tool is not very sharp or that our motor speed Less than required. Although this method does not directly look at the appearance of the machine is not beautiful, compacted directly, but this method can directly insight into the core of the straw crusher quality is good or bad, as we not only look at the appearance of people but also Look at the intrinsic quality of people. According to the standards of the relevant departments, hammer mill in the crushing of corn with 1.2 mm diameter sieve sieve, the production of electricity per kilowatt shall not be less than 48 kg. At present, high-quality grinder has reached 70-75 kg per kilowatt / hour. 2, according to the matching power selection; machine brochures and nameplate are equipped with straw mill matching motor power kilowatt. It is often not a fixed number, but a certain range. There are two reasons: First, the crushing of different varieties of raw materials, the required power there is a big difference, for example, under the same working conditions, crushed sorghum than crushed corn when the power is twice as large. Second, when the use of different sieve, the straw crusher load has a great impact.

3, according to the production capacity of choice; general crop stalk mill manual and nameplate, all contain the rated capacity of the mill (T / H). But should pay attention to several points: First, the rated production capacity is a specific state of the output. Such as a cereal-type feed mill, which states that the pulverized feedstock is corn and has a water content of storage of safe moisture (about 13%) and a screen hole diameter of 1.2 mm. Because it is commonly used in the smallest sieve, the production capacity is small, so the choice should be considered. Second, the selected production capacity should be slightly greater than the actual production capacity required, otherwise the hammer wear, air duct leakage caused by the decline in production capacity of the mill, it will affect the continuous production of feed supply.

4, the purchase of crop straw shredder equipment, depending on what the actual needs of users to crush the raw material to crush the grain feed, you can choose the top of the feed hammer mill; to crush the bran gluten wheat feed Can choose jaw crusher; if the requirements of good versatility, such as to crush the grain-based, both cake and straw, you can choose tangential feed hammer mill; such as pre-mixed feed for the former Processing, requiring product crushing of the fine size can be adjusted according to need, should use a special sieve-free grinder and so on.