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Subsoiler Agricultural Machinery
Jul 26, 2017

Subsoiler Agricultural machinery

In order to promote the rapid development of facilities agriculture, the first is to develop suitable facilities for agricultural machinery. At present, China's in the orchard, greenhouses, hills, mountains this small land, height difference, and inorganic farming road dryland farming mechanization level is still relatively low, most jobs rely on the traditional manual labor, strength, low efficiency. The loose operation is a basic operation. In view of the existing problems of large volume, poor adaptability and high price, the existing dryland farming machine is suitable for the above-mentioned terrain. Machine also belongs to the scope of rotary tiller. The small rotary tillage function is widely used in field farming, plastic greenhouse, tobacco, nursery, orchard, tea garden of the loose operation. And has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption and high production efficiency. In order to facilitate the promotion of the machine, the laying machine configuration was simplified. The machine is mainly composed of 2.5HP single cylinder two-stroke gasoline engine, friction clutch, worm worm reducer, rotary cutter and other institutions. The engine is powered by a friction clutch connected to the drive shaft, and the drive shaft is driven by the worm gear reducer to the cutterhead drive cutter for farming. In addition, the engine only provides the rushing power, the rack itself walking, steering by manual control. In order to reduce the overall quality and reduce the size and reduce the cost, to meet the requirements of the use of the premise, with a screw connection instead of the drive shaft and worm coupling, worm worm reducer structure is also simplified, Required fuel tank and fan.

1, planting trees digging machine operating procedures

Sea planting trees digging machine

Sea planting trees digging machine

(1) check the digging machine tank oil, start the digging machine engine

(2) the drill bit to be tapped to identify the center of the pit, press the work switch, the engine driven drill bit into the soil; drill bit cut off the central part of the soil, and then drill the bottom of the blade cutting the soil, cutting the soil under the action of centrifugal force Throwing the hole in the wall and under the action of friction along the spiral blade to the ground and was thrown to the hole around the hole;

(3) dug into the predetermined depth, slowly lift the digging machine, digging machine in the digging machine to leave the ground, the release of the work switch to complete the digging process.

2, tree planting and digging machine safety matters

(1) before the operation from the grass to remove the sticks, stones, rubble, and other debris, and observe the terrain to see if there are underground roots, pipes, cables and other obstacles.

(2) Check the blade, nut and bolt before operation to ensure that the machine is in safe operation.

(3) operation, not allowed to barefoot or wear sandals, to wear trousers, protective shoes, it is best to wear protective glasses.

(4) Do not shake the equipment when digging.

(5) digging machine abnormal vibration or digging machine and foreign body collision, should immediately stop working.

(6) digging machine in the use of complete storage, to close the carburetor on the fuel valve, and pull the spark plug lead.

(7) digging machine should be stored in a vertical position, place ventilation, dry place, away from electrical appliances and fire machinery, to avoid fire. Each time you add fuel before and after storage should be cooled for 15 minutes.