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Subsoiler Deep Loose Interval
Oct 26, 2017

Subsoiler Deep loose interval

Deep plowing in the use of the process should pay attention to the consistency of farming depth, to achieve the deep turn and break the role of the bottom of the plow. In order to meet the requirements, often plowing in the operation before doing an in-depth research, for the machinery itself to do a comprehensive and effective inspection, is a protection of the machinery itself.

1, deep plow to be responsible for the maintenance of the use of people, familiar with the performance of deep loosened machine to understand the structure of the machine and the operation of the adjustment method and use;

2, deep plow before work, you must check the various parts of the connecting bolts, no loose phenomenon. Check the parts of the grease, not enough time to add, check the wearing parts of wear and tear;

3, plow operation, to make the distance between the deep loose consistent. Operation should be kept straight and straight;

4, the operation should ensure that not loose, do not loose, do not towing;

5, the operation should be checked at any time operating conditions, found that the machine should be blocked in time to clean up;

6, deep plow in the course of the operation, such as abnormal sound, should stop the operation in time to be identified after the cause to continue to work;

7, the machine at work, found to have hard and resistance to the surge in the situation, please immediately stop the operation, remove the bad situation, and then operate;

8, in order to ensure the life of deep plowing, in the machine into the soil and unearthed should be slow, do not force the operation;

9, equipment operation for some time, should conduct a comprehensive inspection, found in time to repair the fault.

Deep plowing to adjust the side, the other side should also use the same method to adjust, in order to achieve the effect of the left turn right tipped deep. This requires our patience and meticulous pre-homework preparation, as far as possible to grasp the efficiency of deep plowing. Code for Construction Safety of Deep - plowing Machinery

Mechanical accidents have brought us too much harm, whether it is the management department, the security department or labor protection departments will do their best to do a good job of mechanical safety production, tightening machinery safety production of this string, but to do a good job safety , We must analyze the cause of the accident in order to take appropriate measures to put an end to the accident. As a deep plowing of agricultural machinery must also be safe production and construction.

1, first of all to implement the "safety in order to produce, production must ensure safety" and "reasonable use, safety first" principle; the establishment of full-time security agencies, full-time staff responsible for mechanical safety management.

2, such as deep plowing such machinery and equipment operations, the operator shall not leave the workplace, are not allowed to mechanical equipment to non-local personnel operation, is strictly prohibited unrelated personnel into the mechanical work area and operating room. Work, thinking to focus on the operation is strictly prohibited.

3, the machine driver personnel should first train after induction, hire relevant personnel to the mechanical pilot theoretical knowledge training, such as mechanical knowledge, a variety of mechanical operation of the basic knowledge, so that mechanical drivers understand the mechanical operation, maintenance and maintenance of the general theory Knowledge, so that the mechanics can be familiar with the general characteristics of machinery, timely maintenance, repair machinery, reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Deep plowing machinery and other machinery and equipment, but also need to maintain the safety of production and construction, so we have to strictly in accordance with the requirements of production and processing to ensure safe construction, improve the efficiency of machinery.

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