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Subsoiler In Early Plowing
Aug 24, 2017

Subsoiler In early plowing

Deep plowing is an important technical measure for upland farming technology. The current shortage of large and medium-sized agricultural machinery in the vast rural areas is in short supply and is playing an important role in early plowing. It is a matter of theoretical and economic significance to study how to make it better for China's dryland cropping and cultivating cultivated land productivity and reduce energy consumption under the condition of maintaining soil water storage and soil moisture. However, some of the domestic research results, has not been directly used to solve this important issue of reality. The wheeled tractor plowing unit in the deep plowing operation of the outstanding problem is that the attachment of Canon greatly deteriorated, hook traction reduced, left and right rear wheel average slip rate sky. Especially the left rear wheel of the slip rate of wood over the value of any office. This indicates that the actual tillage is reduced, the unit productivity is reduced, the soil structure is susceptible to damage, and the effective power of the tractor engine is not fully utilized and the fuel consumption is increased. In order to make the tractor normal plowing operation, and to meet the requirements of deep plowing, some use of the Department of the selection of hanging plowing Ye plow, and improve the performance of the plow. However, only to take such measures to implement the deep plowing, tractor attachment performance can not be effectively improved.

The structural characteristics of deep plowing

    (1) The new deep plowed plowed plow and plow on the basis of the traditional plow, which can deepen the tillage layer.

    (2) The trailing position on the tractor is properly right and the main tie rod is properly left in the plow mounting position so that the unbalanced moment is shared by the tractor and the plow.

    (3) In the partial traction state, widen the plow side plate to improve the traction performance, the side plate through a special process, with the plow resistance center automatically positioning, automatic concentric, reducing the plow side pressure and supporting force, The work efficiency, reducing the resistance of the plow.

    (4) the new deep plow has a greater improvement. It is now a two-blade cutting edge of the blade cutting the wall of the soil, the right edge of the blade in the next level cut out the bottom, was cut off the soil mattress along the plow surface rose to the plow wall, borrow the two radial force of the blade to the soil Flip and broken, so traction resistance is only 50% of the traditional plow.

    (5) The surface of the new deep plowed crater is suspended by 180 ° and the resistance of the broken soil is zero. Thus reducing the working resistance of the plow surface.

    (6) The expansion of the instantaneous point of the new deep plow is closely matched with the ball hole in the hanger bar to ensure the straight walking of the plow and the resistance of the plow.

    (7) The depth of the new deep plowing wheel coincides with the left instantaneous point, which effectively solves the lateral pressure of the plow center of gravity and reduces the resistance of the plow.