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Subsoiler Reasonable Structure
Sep 01, 2017

Subsoiler Reasonable structure

Deep plowing plow is now an important tool in agriculture, not only to reduce the farmers' labor force, but also improve the efficiency, the following for you to introduce the main features of the deep plowing plow.

    1, deep plowing plow machine structure is reasonable, rigid, quality selection, beautiful and generous. The same time as

    2, deep plowing plow with two-way flip function, saving time and fuel economy, efficient economy. The same time as

    3, the configuration of small complex plow, can cut the field surface vegetation, in order to facilitate the straw weeds deep cover rotten fertilizer field. The same time as

    4, with third gear AM function (21 degrees, 24 degrees, 28 degrees). To 1LFZ-435, for example, the tillage can reach 140 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, according to the size of the soil than the size of the choice of different tillage. Flip the plow is commonly used in a class of farming machinery, flip plow mainly through farming to change the soil physical and chemical properties, so that the increase in crop yield. Flip plow for high yield crops, high quality and efficient laid the basis for myopia. After tipping the plowing, the salted alkali and acidic substances contained in the land are desalted. It is possible to freeze the soil, promote the activities of soil microbes, accelerate the decomposition of soil nutrients, cut off the soil capillary control back to salt, turn over weeds and control pests and diseases, but also to compete for agriculture, for the next year early Nursery, early irrigation, early planting to create favorable conditions.

  The use of time to turn the plow in order to carry out early autumn, in the rice before harvesting to thoroughly clear the drainage channels at all levels to reduce the groundwater level, enhance soil permeability, accelerate the reduction of soil water content, and to Teng, dry land, Create conditions, so early to do early tillage, improve the quality of arable land, speed up the speed of cultivated land, and strive to fill all the land before the frozen. In order to extend the sun mattress time, autumn time should be as early as possible. When the soil plow water content decreased to about 25%, till the mattress can start working.

  Turn the plow to build the tillage system. Paddy field farming to take ground, rotary tillage and deep pine combined farming system. Low-lying, poor drainage conditions of the marsh soil, meadow soil, can take a deep turn for two years, spin rake farming two years; terrain high dry, good drainage conditions, take a deep turn 1 year, spin rake till two years of rotation system. Autumn depth. Reclamation years of paddy field general site depth standard for the deep turn 20 to 22 cm, spin rake 14 to 16 cm, 20 to 25 cm deep loose. Paddy field autumn soil depth generally according to local conditions, according to the specific circumstances of the specific formulation.