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Subsoiler Soil Arable Land Standards
Sep 25, 2017

Subsoiler Soil arable land standards

The earliest peasants used a simple digging stick or hoe to reclaim farmland. When the farm is dug, they throw the seeds in the ground, hoping to have a good harvest. The early plow was made of a Y-shaped wood, and the following branches were carved into a pointed, and the two branches above were made into two handles. When the plow is tied to a rope and pulled by a cow, the tip is stripped of a small shallow groove in the dirt. The farmer can use the handle to drive the plow. About 970 BC, someone in Egypt created this painting with a simple sketch of a wooden pull pork. And far from the 3500 in the year to create out the first batch of plow compared to the design and not much change.

 In the arid and sandy land of Egypt and West Asia, with this early plow can the farmland be fully reclaimed and the crop harvest is greatly increased. Increased supply of food can fully meet the population growth, Egypt and Mesopotamia cities increasingly developed.

 By the year 3000, the peasants had improved their plows and made a sharp "plowing" that could make the soil more powerful, adding a "floor" that could push the soil to the side.

 The wooden plow of the cattle is still used in many parts of the world, especially in the light sandy areas. Early plows were used on light sandy soils and were more effective than those used in wet, heavy soils in northern Europe. European farmers had to wait for the heavier metal plows that came in the 11th century. Deep plowing use should pay attention to the standard of soil arable land, according to the strict control of different soil depth, not too deep or too shallow. To build Sanjiang area, for example, the general black soil thicker, the following is the white soil, requiring the depth of 22 cm, to ensure adequate absorption of nutrients in rice in order to obtain high yield. The same piece of land depth to the depth of the same, no moisture, can not afford high ridge, farming surface after the flat. Gutian mattress to buckle mattress tight, close convergence, turning mattress, buckle mattress good. To the end to the side, do not leak, do not keep lattice, do not shine side rejection angle.